So, Anyone Wanna Coach?

Funny how things change in a few days. In keeping with how nuts this season has gone, Michigan's coaching search has been following along in-stride.

Les Miles (LSU):

Urban Meyer (Florida):
Not much of a chance. He's a midwest guy, likes Michigan a lot, but would you be willing to leave the warm weather and brutally awesome program for Michigan?

Brady Hoke (Ball State):
Interesting, been getting a lot of attention so far this week. UM has confirmed, or Hoke confirmed (what does confirm mean anymore???), that he has been contacted by Martin.

Mike DeBord (UM Off. Coordinator):
No chance in hell.

Ron English (UM Def. Coordinator):
Suddenly has a slightly better chance than he did before Miles. But after Miles, English has been reported to have a second interview. My take on this is, I like Ron English a lot. He bleeds football. He looks, acts, sounds, and reacts like a football guy. He's tough, he's brash, and you know when he's pissed at you.

Is he a leader of men? You don't become the UM defensive coordinator by accident. You don't turn down an awesome NFL coordinator position with Bears and your best friend Lovie Smith for no reason. Bill Martin and Lloyd Carr fought for English. He's done well here. He's sent great players to the NFL. Last years' defense was awesome (until the last 2 games), but the point is, he's a motivator, he's young, and he's full of piss and vinegar.

So, the MB Nation take? All of the sudden, since Les Miles' true colors have been revealed, and since Michigan drew Florida in the Capital One Bowl...I like Ron English a lot. And its not because he's a "Michigan Man" or because he's already here...I like him because, like I said, he's tough, he's smart, he has experience, he's relatively young, and the players respect him. And I think he could make a damn fine coach at the University of Michigan.

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