Miles Away

This guy is no Michigan Man.

Les Miles took some very awkward steps on Saturday. First, it was reported on ESPN gameday that he was all packed up for Ann Arbor. Thanks for the heads up there Herbie! You think if Miles was on tap to head for Columbus Kirk would've shot his mouth off so quickly? Me either.

Then, 2 hours before kickoff, Miles calls a presser to punch back at the media for reporting rumors that Miles has been avoiding all along. Don't get mad at the media Les, they're doing their job. Its your fault it got to this point in the first place. If you were so concerned about the perception to your team, you probably should have put the rumors to bed last week when your AD gave Michigan permission to interview you this week.

To me, it seems like this was a snap decision made by Miles on Saturday morning. He and the LSU AD heard what Herbie said on gameday, and that was it. The AD called Miles, told him if he wants to stay, he'll be the most paid coach in the country.

Money talks. And from what I hear, Michigan AD Bill Martin never said a word.

BUT...if money is what motivates Les Miles, then LSU can have him. Great coaches, the ones that have coached at places like Michigan, OSU, Penn State, ND, Texas, USC....are not motivated by money. Sure its a wonderful perk of the job, but its not what you base your decisions on.

So, we might actually owe a debt of gratitude to the blonde male bimbo from gameday.

Either way, this now opens the door for pretty much any and all candidates who might want to apply. I don't want to toot my own horn, but the new year's day bowl game with Michigan just got a helluva lot more interesting, eh Urban?

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