Non-Biased Big 10 Bowl Preview

We here at MB Nation strive to provide our readers with as much non-biased content as possible. But, being that we are a self-proclaimed die-hard Michigan blog, that can be tough.

So in an effort to restore order and not sound too much like a homer, we give you our NBBTBPS. Non-biased Big Ten Bowl Preview Special.

The Motor City Bowl - December 26 - Detroit, MI
Purdue vs. Central Michigan

This game should be a walk for Purdue. But it won't. Central Michigan isn't a pushover. The MAC champ has generally favored well against the 7th (or 8th) place Big Ten squad in this bowl game. I see Purdue winning, but not convincingly, 27-24.

The Champs Sports Bowl - December 28 - Orlando, FL
#14 Boston College vs. Michigan State

Oh, Michigan State...what are you doing? You made it to a bowl game? BC by at least 2 touchdowns. If this were a hockey game, that might be worth watching. Otherwise, whats the point?

Valero Alamo Bowl - December 29 - San Antonio, TX
Texas A&M vs. Penn State

Pretty much a home game for A&M here. Michigan played A&M in this bowl game about 12 years ago...not fun. But, this one might be the best Big Ten bowl game of the year. Penn State usually represents well in bowl games. I don't see them disappointing this year. JoPa coaches in his 500th game...and A&M interim coach Gary Darnell coaches in his first. I think Penn State wins 30-14.

Insight Bowl - December 31 - Tempe, AZ
Oklahoma State vs. Indiana

I love the fact that Indiana has made it to a bowl game. I don't love the fact that they have to play Oklahoma State. But, take comfort in the fact that the outcome depends on which OK State teams shows up. They are awesome when they win, and terrible when they lose. The Hoosiers will be riding high in their first bowl in 14 years. Cowboys win 27-13.

The Outback Bowl - January 1 - Tampa, FL
Tennessee vs. Wisconsin

Tennessee started the season a little iffy...but really hit their stride down the stretch. Won the SEC East. They put up a good fight against LSU in the SEC championship game. Wisconsin however, isn't that good. They will be in 2 years...but not this year. The Vols young defense will keep Wisconsin in it. But...too much SEC speed in this one. The Vols, 35-28.

The Capital One Bowl - January 1 - Orlando, FL
Florida vs. Michigan

Oh crap. There are probably 4 teams in the country that Michigan really doesn't match up well against even on a good day...and Florida is 2 of them. A virtual home game for the Gators. Way too fast for UM. Lloyd might as well draw up some wacky trick plays, because if we line up and try to play smash mouth "Big Ten Football", then this one will be over by halftime. Tim Tebow will bring his Heisman trophy with him and apply coats of polish on the sideline between touchdown runs and touchdown throws. The Gators throttle the Maize & Blue 45-21. Much more on this game as it approaches.

The Rose Bowl - January 1 - Pasadena, CA
USC vs. Illinois

A home game for the Trojans. Without a doubt...USC will win this game and win it easily 42-13.

The BCS National Championship Game - January 7 - New Orleans
LSU vs. Ohio State

Well, once again, OSU matches up in the title game with a team they have no reason to be even on the field with. I mean, seriously? Ohio State is the #1 team in the country? LSU, much like Florida last year, should pretty much be able to get the 2nd string in the mid-4th quarter. This game painfully illustrates why the Big Ten sucks, and why the SEC is a bunch of cocky ass-holes. But, when you're one seems to care how cocky you are. No one will pick OSU in this game...neither will I...and that is why they will probably win. But I call 'em like I see 'em. LSU plays in front of a home crowd and wins 38-9.

And there you have it folks...a whopping 2-6 record for the Big Ten. Hey, its great to get 8 teams from your conference to bowl games, no one will dispute that. Great exposure, money for the conference and schools. Those are the pluses. But the flip side is you have to play someone. And unless we all play MAC schools, this will be one ugly bowl season for the Big Ten.

I hope I'm wrong. If we go 8-0, or at least come out above .500, I'll come back on here and eat my words with dignity. But until then, have fun watching why the rest of the country thinks the Big Ten sucks.

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