In the Old Days, Michigan Had No Coach

This is starting to get out of control. First Les Miles makes Michigan look bad for letting him get away, and then he really makes us bad by using Michigan as leverage to get a better contract out of L$U.

It was reported that on the Dan Patrick show this morning, Les Miles said something along the lines of, "I was loyal to Michigan, but they were not loyal to me".

That hurts...if in-fact he actually said it.

So, coming off the heals of that debacle...Greg Schiano, head coach at Rutgers...was reported to have met with Bill Martin in NYC for a couple hours at a hotel. No offer was made, but it was reported that the offer was on the table by the end of the day yesterday. Schiano met with his team, and apparently told them he was leaving. Only to wake up this morning, call his team in again, and tell them that he was staying.

That hurts, but not as much. It is my humble opinion that there are far better coaches out there besides Greg Schiano.

But let me pose the question to the readers, I know you're out there! Is it just me, or does it seem like Michigan isn't trying very hard? I don't why...but it seems like it would be one helluva kick in the jewels to have a guy choose Rutgers over Michigan.

Maybe he has family ties or special ties to New Jersey...or maybe he's just bi-polar and makes snap decisions a lot. Or, maybe...and this is a big maybe...Michigan ended the talks, and said thanks but no thanks. Which is more likely?

I would love the think that Michigan has their eyes on a much larger fish...or Gator in this instance. Call me crazy, but I have been forecasting this since Lloyd dropped the retirement bomb. The best, brightest, and by far most talented coach in college football is Urban Meyer. I'm not the only one out there who can see this happening. He's born and bread in Big Ten country. He's always liked Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame. When he coached in Utah, he had a clause in his contract for a buyout to all 3 of those schools. But it worked out that Florida had an opening when it counted...and Notre Dame muffed it big time. I don't know if that clause is in-place in Gainsville.

I was never totally sold on Les Miles. I question his integrity after this whole mess. I question is loyalty, and I question his honesty. In my mind...those are the 3 biggest qualifications for the head coaching position at the University of Michigan. L$U got their man. Good for them. They will kill Ohio State in the bowl game. Les will get his $$$...and Michigan will get a much better coach.

Go Blue!

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