Michigan 10 Northwestern 9

In what will eternally be remembered as the #M00N game (see image above), Michigan and Northwestern's comedy of errors (or tragedy?) ended, mercifully, when Pat Fitzgerald decided to go for two...unsuccessfully...after scoring the game tying touchdown with 3 seconds left .

As per usual, Devin Gardner struggled...only adding to the frustration that has been mounting for weeks with the embattled senior quarterback. He can barely escape the pocket thanks to a nagging ankle injury. Some of his passes missed the mark while others were spot on...only to be dropped, more often than not, by Devin Funchess. We know Funch has been battling a leg injury, but the junior wideout looks lost on the field. He has flashes of what makes him great, only to be followed by drop after drop.

His body language suggests he's checked out of this season. I would suggest, it may be time to bench him.

De'Veon Smith – who had a career high 121 yards rushing and Michigan's only touchdown, he and Drake Johnson split carries behind an offensive line that is continuing to show signs of improvement...but still, this is just Northwestern. Michigan's 3 possessions before half which all began in Northwestern territory ended with 29 total yards no points.

While the offense struggled much of the day in doing the most basic things correctly, the defense showed up once again. Frank Clark and Jake Ryan played outstanding games. Northwestern had no answers for Michigan's 4-man pass rush for 3 1/2 quarters of the game.

Thanks to a NU muffed punt midway through the 3Q, Michigan was finally able to capitalize on prime staring field position to take the 7-0 lead. But like a Cy Young pitcher with absolutely zero run support, eventually you get exposed. Northwestern pounded Michigan's soft secondary with quick pass after quick pass, driving down the field twice late in the game. But for all the things the Wildcats were doing well in the 4th quarter, Pat Fitzgerald gambled twice and came up short.

First was the decision to kick the field goal on 4th and goal after driving 95 yards down the field in 19 plays. Yes, it was the safe call to go for the points. But why then do you decided to throw caution to the wind and go for 2 after you score the game-tying touchdown with 3 second left? Neither of those two calls were probably the right calls, in hindsight of course.

Trevor Siemian slipping and falling down in front of a full-throttle Frank Clark barreling toward him on the two-point conversion was a fitting end to a game both fanbases would honestly just rather forget.

For the 5th time this season, Michigan fans are left saying "a win is a win". Michigan will need just one more win to gain bowl eligibility. For Brady Hoke, the only hope he has left to keep his current position would be to win out, and even then, it might be too late.

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