A Soldier's Death

Things went better than expected, but still...in the end it was all just too much for this Wolverine team to handle. 

Ohio State had too many answers for Michigan on this day. JT Barrett, who's season is probably over, made Michigan pay like everyone thought he would. Michigan, like so many times this year, had too many mistakes. Turnovers, missed tackles, penalties. You can't beat yourself in a game like this. Ohio State played like a better prepared team, because they were, regardless of their youth and spotty defensive play.

But still, Ohio State should've ran away with this game, and they didn't. Michigan didn't back down, they went blow for blow with the Buckeyes for 3 and a half quarters...and you have to give them that.

Hat's off to Devin Gardner for putting it all out there one last time. The senior QB who's been roughed up badly the last 2 1/2 years, showed just how broken but brilliant he is today. I'd say it would be great to have another year with him, but I don't either of us would want that at this point. Even a bowl game would feel like punishment. Today was simply just...an ending.

You feel for guys like Gardner, Jake Ryan, Joe Bolden, Brennen Beyer, Ray Taylor...the seniors on this team who won just one game against Ohio State and Michigan State. They all deserved better.

For Michigan, the offseason begins tomorrow. An offseason that will all but surely see a coaching regime change. The who and the when will be discussed thoroughly because we have plenty of time to discuss it. Could be Monday...maybe a week later? Either way, a change is coming.

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