Ty Isaac Visiting Ann Arbor Right Now

David Cleveland/Associated Press

All due respect to Travis, but allow me to put on my recruiting editor hat for this one. Former 5-star recruit and USC transfer RB Ty Isaac has had Michigan on his radar for a while (including before he chose USC). And he's in Ann Arbor as we speak.
Wherever he ends up, he'll likely need to sit a year unless he can get a waiver. Thus he would be a redshirt sophomore in 2015. As these things usually go, prepare to have your hopes dashed. But at least he's visiting...which beats not visiting. More news at 11.

Update 6/5:
CBS's Jeremy Fowler:
Michigan expects to land USC transfer running back Ty Isaac, who according to sources committed to the Wolverines some time after his visit this week.

Perhaps anything can happen but Isaac already has begun working through the admissions process with the school, according to the source.
Isaac will apply for a hardship waiver; his mom can no longer fly because of an ear issue and he'd like to be closer to home. If he gets it he'll be in the same class as De'Veon Smith and Derrick Green; if not he'd slot in a class behind them.
So, that's good news if for no other reason that Michigan needs some good news following an offseason of high-profile recruiting swings and misses. Odds are Isaac won't receive a hardship waiver (but he might, the NCAA is rather lenient with those for some reason) and that would end up being a benefit as stated by MGoBrian above to ease the logjam of sophomore RBs on M's roster.

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