Recruitaholics: New Offensive Coordinator, New Recruiter

Nuss' Recruiting Impact
Al Borges was let go yesterday after Michigan declined in total offense for the third year in a row. Michigan wasted no time making the hire, as no more than seven hours later, reports hit the twittersphere that Dave Brandon lured Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier from Alabama to assume the same position.  "Nuss" is a young, up-and-coming, energetic guy that set records at Alabama two seasons ago in multiple offensive categories.  Brad has the rest.

As far as recruiting goes, Nussmeier is definitely an upgrade mainly due to his younger style and charisma he brings to the table -- Borges was a great recruiter even though he struggled as a play-caller -- and a new-look pro-style offense that was more than successful in the toughest conference in college football.  That success started in the off-season though, on the road, as Nussmeier was the key reason many top recruits decided to go to Tuscaloosa, especially the quarterback position.

Nussmeier was the QB coach in Alabama as well, and he'll do the same in Ann Arbor.  It's no secret the man can do wonders with quarterbacks, and recruits will see that -- Shane Morris has to be salivating-at-the-mouth thinking about playing for this guy.  Coach Nuss can enter these young kid's home's and use his time at Alabama as the main recruiting pitch.  That's the biggest difference here: track records.  Nussmeier has one; Borges? Not so much (on the big stage that is).

One name in particular being thrown around already is '15 QB Ricky Town, a current Alabama commit. Coach Nuss is mentioned to be a big reason why Town chose 'Bama.  Town has come out and said he's staying put, but with more than a year 'til National Signing Day, who knows what could happen.  '15 QB Kyle Kearns is already familiar with the new OC:
And this all just the beginning.  Today has already been an offer fest for the Wolverines and one has to think Coach Nussmeier has a lot to do with it.  Rather intriguing timing though -- wonder if, maybe, the coaches were waiting to offer more kids until Borges was gone and the new OC was on board -- but don't want to waste any time.  These offers aren't just going out to joe schmos here either.  Have to get in on the talent quick.

-'14 RB Jeff Jones was offered after an impressive performance at the UA game.  He's a current Minnesota commit, whose gaining major interest as of late.  The good news: He didn't have much a relationship with Borges, and he's officially visiting on Jan. 31; The bad new: other target '14 RB Vic Enwere did.  He may no longer consider Michigan.  More good news: Jones' 247 Crystal Ball predictions have taken a turn in Michigan's favor FWIW.

-'15 WR Juval Mollette is a tall, lanky, possession-type receiver.  His 6'4" 185 lb. frame is a big reason he received the offer, as we are all aware that Hoke loves the tall kids.  Guess Coach Nuss already understands that too.  Mollette did not possess an offer from Alabama, even though his offer list is still impressive.

-'15 DE Jalen Dalton plays ball in North Carolina, a newly renowned stomping ground for the Michigan staff.  Dalton is another big (6'5 or 6'6), quick defensive end who will specialize in haunting QB's dream's in the future. Check out his highlights, kid can get to the QB quick.

-'16 OL Thiyo Lukusa is another big boy (6'5 300) -- seeing a trend here -- who comes from the great state of Michigan.  It's been a topic for some time now when this kid would get his offer from Hoke and co. Could chalk this one up to the waiting-to-fire-borges-and-hire-new-OC column.  I don't see this one lasting long.  Expect him to be on board sooner or later.

-'16 RB Kareem Walker is a name I am not super familiar with at this point.  Watching his highlights, you can see he's a shifty runner with elite breakaway speed -- as a sophomore.  He's a tall back -- 6'1 195 -- allowing him to also be a power back when he needs it, which isn't often.  He doesn't get touched most plays.

-'15 QB David Sills was offered a month or so ago in what was thought to be from Borges.  That's not the case reports Greg Biggins.  Turns out Hoke extended the offer and the offer still stands.  And with new OC Nussmeier on board, the QB spot in the '15 class may have gotten that much more intriguing.  That being said, let's not forget about Michigan's first QB offer, Josh Rosen.  He's expressed some interest recently and Michigan could gain some momentum here.

This list is sure to grow in the coming days/week's and I'll keep you with up to date with any new offers that come out.

-'15 DB Minkah Fitzpatrick has finally received his offer.  Fitzpatrick resides in NJ and has been in contact with the staff for some time now.  An offer was inevitable and today was the day.  Look for Peppers to really help the staff out here, as the two are familiar with eachother.

I hate to end with some bad news re: the new OC hire, but no one wants to read the bad news first right?? Anywho, it seems as though no one was closer to Coach Borges than top '15 commit RB Damien Harris, according to Harris' coach.  Add this to the speculation that's been floating around about Harris' solidity to his commitment, and Houston, we may have a problem.  This may be nothing to worry about if Harris and Nussmeier hit it off (the two have yet to meet/talk as of now); I mean it's not like Nussmeier doesn't utilize his running back's or anything...

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