Dave Brandon on Nussmeier, Hoke and the State of the Program [Video]

After the press conference yesterday to introduce Doug Nussmeier as Michigan's new offensive coordinator (transcript via M&GB), Dave Brandon was surrounded by local media reporters and asked several questions about Nussmeier, Hoke, the decision, and various topics regarding the current and future states of Michigan football.

I was not in attendance, so when I first heard Brandon was addressing the media, I though they meant he took the podium...which was not the case. Many found it odd that an athletic director would take questions after both the head coach spoke and the new OC spoke and took questions...which makes sense.

But given the nature of the interview you're about to watch, I don't find this odd at all. Brandon has every right to attend this press conference. And when you gather this many reporters in one room with the very vocal and outspoken AD, the results are predictable.

Btw, Brandon's exchange with the Freep's Drew Sharp at the 3:00 mark is worth the watch.

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