Recruitaholics: All-American TweetCap

Thanks to the wonderful people at Time Warner Cable Co. (layin' the sarcasm on thick), the internet is restored in my area and you guys can now go to bed without the sweats and wake up without the headaches.  P.S. I HATE CABLE COMPANIES!!  (if you couldn't tell)

Last week was High School All-American week as the top talent in the country flocked to San Antonio, TX for the annual U.S. Army All-American Game and to Orlando, FL for the Under Armour All-American Game.  The UA Game featured seven Michigan commits: Peppers, JBB, Speight, Mone, Ferns, Harris, and Wangler.  the latter three didn't participate due to injuries.  Only one commit represented the Block M down in Texas: Mason Cole.

I know I'm late to the party as most of this happened last week, so instead of showing you stories from the week (that you probably have already read), I decided to provide you with the first "TweetCap", a recap of tweets from the week leading up to the game's and from the game's itself.  Here goes!






It's no lie who the standout was during the UA practices and watching the game.  Peppers is an unbelievable talent and he proved it this week, being arguably the top player in attendence.  Speight preformed well and earned the start for his team.  Mone is a mammoth of a man and disrupted the OL all week with his power. JBB has his moments, but seems a bit raw at this point.  But his size is a big advantage.  

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