Week 7 Big Ten Power Rankings and Bowl Projections

Things are getting interesting as B1G teams start to beat each other up.

B1G Rank Bowl This Week
(Week 7)
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vs Conf-USA #4
vs MAC #1

1. Ohio State (6-0, 2-0): While the game with Northwestern was much closer than I thought it would be, a win is a win. It was ugly at times for the Buckeyes, but two of the toughest tests on their schedule on in their rear-view and they're 6-0. This team just has a knack for rising up to the occasion and finding ways to win. I don't see any roadblocks on their immediate schedule right now...which has historically been when Ohio State loses. If they keep playing the way they are, their time atop this list could be short.

2. Wisconsin (3-2, 1-1): Bye week last week. Should be interesting to what happens when the Wildcats visit this week. Two teams fresh off tough, close losses to Ohio State.

3. Nebraska (4-1, 1-0): Impressed me with their big win over Illinois, I picked them to lose. Some signs of life from the much-maligned Nebraska defense. This week should be another Big Ten win, their 8th regular season win in a row going back to last year.

4. Michigan (5-0, 1-0): Got the convincing 42-13 win against Minnesota. That had to happen. But now it's time for Brady Hoke to take the show on the road to an always difficult Beaver Stadium in what will certainly be a hostile environment. Michigan has struggled on the road lately, so this will be a big test for the Wolverines as they make their first trip back to State College since 2010. All Michigan has to do is keep protecting the ball and they'll win the rest of their games. I don't care how close they are, just win.

5. Northwestern (4-1, 0-1): They hung tough with the Buckeyes, but had a tough time punching the ball into the endzone and had to settle for way too many field goals. The game was closer than the 40-30 final score, but in what can only be considered the biggest game in recent Northwestern history, the Wildcats came up short despite multiple opportunities. Time to regroup and hit the road to Madison in another big test.

6. Michigan State (4-1, 1-0): Big win on the road in Iowa City. Yes, I think Iowa stinks, but a road win is a road win and you can't discount that. Could be a very interesting game as Indiana comes to visit this week after their huge upset of Penn State last week. Indiana is the new B1G team that no one wants to play. It's strength against strength though as Indiana's high powered offense will look to put a dent into probably the best defense in the league.

7. Indiana (3-2, 1-0): See above.

8. Penn State (3-2, 0-1): I though Penn State could start trending downward as the scholarship limitations really start to kick in over this year and next...but I had no idea it would happen so fast. I didn't watch the Indiana game yet, so it's tough for me to tell you what's wrong, but when you lose in Bloomington 44-24, I'm guessing it's a lot of things. Easily the biggest home game of their year this week as Michigan comes to town.

9. Illinois (3-2, 0-1): I gave Illinois too much credit, as I'm prone to do when a B1G team does well against non-conference foes. Clearly, there's issues in Champaign...especially on defense. But as we've known for almost his entire career, as goes Nathan Scheelhaase, so goes Illinois.

10. Iowa (4-2, 1-1): Big road win against Minnesota only to be followed up by a big home loss to Michigan State. I'm willing to think Iowa is maybe still a bowl team, but a lot of improvement needs to be made.

11. Minnesota (4-2, 0-2): Bad. Just bad. I don't typically blame coaching, but I think it's coaching. All due respect to Jerry Kill, but this Minnesota team has very little fight. Nice job going 4-0 against horrible non-conference opponents. They might not win again.

12. Purdue (1-4, 0-1): All rested up and ready to go. Nebraska should win by 3 scores.

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