Michigan vs Indiana Preview

Indiana Vitals
3-3 overall, 1-1 Big Ten
Head coach: Kevin Wilson
     Career: 8-22 (3rd year)
     at IU: 8-22 (3rd year)
Offense: Spread
     Rush: Tevin Coleman (91-557 yards, 8 TDs)
     Pass: Nate Sudfeld (118-192, 1,604 yards, 13 TDs)
     Rec.: Cody Latimer (35-544 yards, 3 TDs)
Defense: 4-3
     Tackles: Tim Bennett (45 tackles) and David Cooper (45 tackles)
     Sacks: John Laihinen (3.5-19 yards)
     Int: Greg Heban (2-24 yards)

When Michigan has the ball
There's no mystery in what Michigan has to do in this ballgame. Score points.

Long, sustained drives are nice, and if Michigan can somehow breathe life back into the running game, that will go a long way in helping the cause. The offensive line should be able to pound and ground Indiana all day long. Of course, whether or not they will remains to be seen.

Left tackle Taylor Lewan is expected to be back. That frees up Schofield to return to RT. Glasgow will remain at center and Kalis at right guard. The left guard spot, however, is wide open. Chris Bryant, Joey Burzynski, Kyle Bosch (who'd burn a redshirt if he plays), and even Erik Magnusen are all in the mix.

Michigan has shown multiple looks offensively this year, and I don't see much of a change for tomorrow. Will there be more spread in favor of manball? I surely think so. You hate to see Devin have to shoulder the load more then he's already doing, but that very well could be the key to Michigan's success. It might also open up the running game. Pass to set up the run might be the new recipe.

For Indiana, defense is not something they do well. Ranked 110th in the nation in run defense, 106th in total defense, if Michigan is going to ignite a running attack, this is the game to do it.

Against Michigan State last week, Indiana allowed 473 yards of total offense to the 89th ranked offense in the country. So yeah. That.

This too.

Hi...I'd like to order a large Funchess with fries and some extra dipping sauce. Make that two orders.

Seriously guys, Michigan should have no problem scoring here.

When Indiana has the ball
There's one thing Indiana does well, and that's run a very high-tempo, spread-option attack. They love to pass the ball around. Ranked 13th nationally, Indiana's passing offense is potent.

Indiana does run a dual-QB system. Sudfield is the go-to starter who's more of a passer. Roberson is the runner who comes in on obvious QB-scramble situations. Both of their favorite target, Cody Latimer, is an honest-to-goodness receiver worthy of concern. He's a big guy who looks the part and has the speed to back it up.

If Michigan is going to contain Indiana to the point where Michigan fans feel comfortable, they'll need to do so with a 4-man rush most of the time. This is the kind of offense that you must keep in front of you to limit big plays of 20+ yards. Indiana likes the run screen plays...lots of em. MGoAce...
Indiana throws a ton of screens, and Space Coyote has a very nice breakdown of all the variations—and how they can be packaged together—over at his blog. In short, the bubble, tunnel, flare, and slip screens are all utilized, and they can be combined easily; the offense also has constraint plays for their screens, like converting the flare into a wheel route and turning a tunnel screen into a delayed slant. Space Coyote diagrams a flare/tunnel combo and a bubble/tunnel in his post.
Sounds delightful.

I haven't dreaded playing an opposing offense this much since Air Force last year.

I've said for the last few weeks that IU is the one bad B1G team that no wants wants to play. The reason being they can force you off your game and make you play to their level. Michigan has had a history of doing that this year.

I don't think there's any way Michigan comes out and just dominates the Hoosiers the way that they probably should or a way in which you'll be truly satisfied after the game. But at this point in the year, I'll take a win anyway I can get one. Going into the bye week, the last thing Michigan needs is another loss, two in a row, to an inferior opponent. Especially right before a trip to East Lansing and the tough November stretch.

This is a strange game in that neither fan base is very confident about this game. I can't speak to the confidence of each team, but I have to think it's not that much different. Both squads are coming off losses. Both squads are at turning points in their seasons. Both squads are looking to this game as a sign of things to come for the remainder of the year.

At this point, in this game, almost nothing would surprise me.

Tweet obnoxiously if...
• A running game emerges with blocking and running backs and everything.
• Bad Devin stays in bed tomorrow.
• Indiana's punter has a big day.
• No IU plays over 20 yards.

Commence panic if...
• Fitz bangs into the middle of the line, repeatedly.
• Lewan goes down again resulting in musical chairs along the OL.
• Sudfield/Roberson feel no pressure, allowing plenty of time in the pocket.
• Random Michigan turnover resulting in a game, all of the sudden.

Michigan 48 Indiana 30

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