Big Ten Preview: Week 8

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Week 7: 3-1
Overall: 51-8

Saturday, October 19th
Man, Northwestern went from being a lock to win the Legends division to long shot very fast. A rough couple of weeks for those dozens of die-hard Wildcat fans out there. The long trek back to the top of the mountain starts this week when the Gophers bring their brutally awful offensive attack to Evanston. Northwestern 38 Minnesota 10

Purdue has a long ways to go to get back to anything resembling Joe Tiller-era football. Michigan State, now suddenly playing much better offense than they were just a few short weeks ago, should win by 35. Easily. Michigan State 40 Purdue 5

IOWA @ #4/3/4 OHIO STATE | 3:30 | ABC/ESPN2
It'll be fun getting in-stadium score updates of this game during the Michigan game. And by fun, I mean soul-crushingly painful. Ohio State 44 Iowa 21

INDIANA @ #-/24/24 MICHIGAN | 3:30 | BTN
There's a strength vs. strength argument to be made here. Indiana's prolific offense against Michigan's better-than-advertised-unless-they're-playing-against-a-true-freshman-quarterback defense. This one could easily get away from Michigan and turn into a 2010 Michigan-Illinois scorenado. Yeah, I just invented the word scorenado. Check back here Friday for our preview.

#25/-/- WISCONSIN @ ILLINOIS | 8:00 | BTN
Wisconsin will blast through the rest of their schedule in the hopes that Ohio State falters...twice. That's a tough way to manage the next 7 weeks of the regular season. The upside is that if OSU wins out like the entire universe expects them to, and gets to the BCS title game like no one expects them to, that would clear a path for Wisconsin to land, predictably, in a BCS bowl. That said, Illinois isn't entirely a pushover*, so this one could at least be entertaining for a while. Wisconsin 42 Illinois 24

Bye: #-/21/23 Nebraska, Penn State

*If Nathan Scheelhaase shows up to play.

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