2013 Hype Video? 2013 Hype Video

I like summer. I like that college Football is still 80, 90, whatever days away. I like that there's a calm before the storm. The months leading up to fall are a peaceful time, a happy time.

Two of my favorite things about summer are college football preview magazines and hype videos. Pretty soon we'll have some news to divulge about my contribution to a certain preview mag, but for now, I give you my first attempt at a preseason hype video. There's a lot of good hype videos out there, and we'll get to them soon. But this one is mine.

Go HD. Go full screen. Turn it up! If you like it, share it. Thank you, and Go Blue!

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  1. Where did you find that Brady Hoke Locker room speech? I have not seen it anywhere else. Where is the FULL speech?