Scrimmage Highlights from Saturday 4-6 [Video]

MBN Stock spring photo.

Pre-packaged homogenized highlights.

Not too much to glean from this. Bullets anyway.
• The typical close-up highlights that we've become accustomed to out of the Fort. I'd say, from what we see here, the defense is coming together. Nice pass breakup by Hallowell.

• Lots of passing plays...don't want to show how the running backs are fairing. If the two hits on Hayes are any indicator, the running game has a ways to go.

• A couple of plays showed me that the interior of the OL is also a work in progress. Looks like Jack Miller at center with Kalis at LG and Braden at RG. This jives with everything we've been hearing out of spring camp so far.

• Nice snag by Jehu Chesson at the end for the touchdown. Been hearing good stuff about him and Darboh.

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