Incoming: Drake Harris

After a long hiatus, I can finally stop fighting off all the Recruitaholic withdrawal symptomsand say I'm back suckas!

Commit #6
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Meet Drake Harris
Scout: 4-star, #3 WR, #26 OVR
ESPN: NR, ESPN Watch List
247Sports: 4-star, #3 WR, #36 OVR
Rivals: 4-star, #4 WR, #56 OVR

Today was one that I wasn't looking forward to, what with Trey Burke's announcement to go pro as we all assumed.  But then this little nugget appeared on my twitter feed:
The top target on Michigan's board has been snatched up and taken off the market.  Remember that Harris had originally committed to "Little Brother" as a two sport star (basketball).  Then he decided he only wanted to focus on football.  Since then Michigan picked up the heat, Harris de-committed and was their's to lose.  Ironically MSU was suppose to get a visit from the big play wide receiver this coming weekend.  Bets are that visit will no longer be happening as we all know the strict visiting policy Hoke and co. enforce.  

He also just paid a visit to Ohio on Friday before heading to AA for the spring game and is quoted saying "Love this place."  Interesting perspective to look at: How much does this kid actually love Michigan then?  Steve Wiltfong was able to get Harris to answer that question for us:
 "Just the love and trust I have with everyone here at Michigan, it's just the right place for me."
Harris also spoke with The M Block about his commitment:
"There's nothing like being a Michigan man.  If you're a football player you go to Michigan, nowhere else."
If you haven't noticed it yet, this is an H-U-G-E HUGE get for this staff.  Harris is arguably the top player in the state of Michigan, and possibly the top WR in the '14 class.  He possesses big time speed (highlight tape lists a 4.39 40) with the ability to be a possession receiver when called upon, thanks to his ability to catch in traffic and his tremendous hands.  Put all this with a 6'4" 180 lb. frame (Scout is only outlier at 6'3" 175 lbs.) and DB's all over the country will be shaking in their cleats when thinking of going up against such a talented athlete. We may have missed out on such an athlete in the '13 class in LaQuon Treadwell (remember him?), but not this year.  A position of major need has been more than filled.

Newly acquired QB Wilton Speight played a big part in getting Harris to go blue, and talked to Tom VanHaaren about just how big this commitment is:
"Drake committing means more than anyone can express," Speight said. "It gives this class and school a tremendous athlete, a huge name to add to our recruiting class, but most importantly a great friend and humble human being."
The rapport between this class already resembles that of the previous class, and we all know how talented and special the '13 class will become.  This will make such a difference once all these kids get on the field together.

Other Offers
Let's play the game again where you name the top 3 schools in every major conference and I guarantee Harris had an offer from each of the schools.  The likes of Alabama, Florida, FSU, Georgia, MSU, Nebraska, ND, OSU, Ole Miss, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin are the most notable.

Hype Video  
Go ahead and witness the crazy-athletic ability I referenced to earlier.  And make sure to notice the number on the back of his jersey while he's blowing past defender after defender. 

Something Scary to Think About
Where do I start? Do I talk about how every WR in the last few classes is 6'2" or taller? Or maybe touch on the fact that Harris could be joined by 4-star talents, WR's Artavis Scott and K.J. Williams? Or how about the fact that Michigan just pulled in one of top WR's (rating wise) in the history of recruiting?  I've got to stop before my head explodes.  You all get the point.  Michigan has finally paired a super-star WR with a very talented supporting cast. 


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