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Commit #7
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Meet Ian Bunting
Scout: 3-star, #17 TE, NR OVR
ESPN: 4-star, #5 TE, #114 OVR 
247Sports: 4-star, #11 TE, #328 OVR
Rivals: 3-star, #14 TE, NR OVR

The "who will be the one TE to fill the lone spot in the '14 class" debate, has been set to rest.  Michigan received a commitment from a TE/WR hybrid from Illinois on Tuesday afternoon and Allen Trieu delivered the wonderful news (preceded by a little teaser): 
Trieu also evaluated and spoke with Bunting a while back:
"At nearly 6'7, 200-lbs, he has excellent size and athleticism, and now is looking for a chance to show it. With that kind of ability in a big frame, Bunting should develop into a prospect many schools become interested in. He says if he gains weight, tight end is a possibility, but he likes wide receiver and would like to stay there."
When I said a while back, I'm talking almost a year ago.  Bunting is most certainly heading for the TE position once he arrives to AA and that should (still) put a smile on your faceStanding 6'6", save Rivals who has 6'7" (yikes!!), he is a bit slender, 215 lbs, for the position, but just as with Jake Butt or Taco Charlton this offseason, Bunting has room to beef up and the staff will make it happen if necessary.  ESPN's TomVanHaaren caught up with the ESPN 150 member on why Michigan is the place for him and look whose name pops up once again:
"It felt like home, and where I fit. My parents were on the visit with me and they loved it, too," he said. "I just had a great time and it was a family feel. The coaches' wives and kids were all there. I felt that brotherhood, and that's one of the most important things to me in this game.
Wilton Speight helped me a lot. I asked him about what he liked and why he chose Michigan," he said. "He gave me some advice, and made me feel comfortable. I'm looking forward to getting back up there and meeting some of the other guys and talking with them, too." 
Bunting also spoke The Wolverine's Tim Sullivan regarding how Coach's Hoke and Borges plan to use him:
"Talked about how they see me fitting in as a versatile tight end/receiver hybrid. They showed me a ton of film of how they want to utilize me. I like it. It's got a lot of things you can do with it. They are definitely one of the programs I'm more interested in."
And one last little tidbit from 247's Steve Wiltfong:
"Central four-star tight end Ian Bunting was one of the more impressive players there, as he can beat you in many ways in the passing game. Short passes and over the top, Bunting has fantastic hands and ball skills while running very well."
Wiltfong is referring to a Core-6 Shootout that took place a few weekends back in Illinois.  Being a part of the Core-6 program is something else to affirm this kid can play.  These programs only bring in top talent and only play top talent...both positives for Bunting's development. 

Seems as though Hoke and co. have pulled in another big, athletic, talented kid, but the only difference here is the uncertainty that some analysts have regarding Bunting.  Every other commit has been a consensus 4-star (excluding Brady Pallante, who may be in '15 class), but only ESPN has the future TE ranked in the top 5 in position rankings and also a member of the ESPN150.  Don't forget, he still has another year to develop, pick up some weight, and maybe focus a little more on the TE position.  Then his recruitment could sky rocket. 

Other Offers
Bunting had an impressive offer list (20+) headlined by FSU, Northwestern, ND, OSU, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Oregon, USC, and Wisconsin. 

Hype Video
I've got an all blocking film, a third of Bunting's junior season (below, which was actually his whole season due to injury), and a recent clip from the Core6 Shootout referenced to above:

Something Scary to Think About
I've got three names for you: Funchess, Butt, Bunting.  I've got three letters for you: three, six, six.  That's three recruiting classes in a row for Michigan featuring a TE prospect standing 6'6".  I think that's good right? To have tall tight ends? No?  Anywho, these twin towers tri-skyscrapers (!!) will be nothing to worry about down the road for opposing teams or anything.  Opponents probably won't even scout them much.  I mean, Funchess and Butt didn't look that good in the spring game.  Nothing to get excited over...

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