New Site Design and Operation

So we just completely overhauled the design and operation of this site. It's been something I've been working on for a while now, but it just went live about an hour ago. Pretty much everything on the site works the way it should...hopefully.

Cool new stuff? Well, almost everything. Better navigation was really what drove this redesign. That should be a lot easier. Things are laid out much better than before. Social media/RSS links are on the top right. The site navbar is top left with a second navbar for specialized links below the MBN banner. We'll be adding to that soon.

For the longest time we've used a heavily modified version of one of Blogger's templates. Blogger is Google's blogging platform. That was fine and all, but we wanted more. We're still with Blogger, but we went rogue with a heavily modified 3rd-party template. Hopefully a black SUV doesn't show up in my driveway.

I'll be adding more functionality as we figure out what all these new buttons do. Until then, if you notice something not working the way it should, shoot me a tweet at @maizebluenation and I'll fix it.

Thanks for your patience and Go Blue!

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