Brady Hoke Statement on Montgomery's Departure

File photo of Montgomery from the 2012 Air Force game.
 Via UM media relations:
"We appreciate the work Jerry did in his two seasons here with the defensive ends and continuing to help build the foundation on our defensive line. We wish Jerry, Natalie and their entire family nothing but the best.

"You always hate to lose members of your staff, but you know going in that at a program like Michigan, other schools and NFL teams are going to come after them. However, I am confident that we will name a new coach who fits in very well with our staff soon."
So there you go. Everything you need to know, nothing you don't. Interesting that Brady mentioned NFL teams coming after Michigan coaches. We'll never get an explanation on that one, but curious that he would say that. It could just be that he was saying that as a general comment. Or, if there was actually recent interest by a staffer with an NFL team, or vice versa? We may never know.

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