A Proportional Response

Many of you read my Urban Meyer post from earlier today. I can tell because I got a lot of feedback in a very short amount of time. In writing that post, I didn't realize that some might not take very kindly to it, not fully interpreting what I considered obvious sarcasm. I typically don't write something intended to illicit a response. So when I got one, I was a little taken back.

To quell the fears of some of you...no, this is not becoming an Ohio State blog.

Allow me to explain.

Jim Tressel reached God-like status in Ohio through years of dominating Michigan, but Urban Meyer's role as savior was anointed immediately. And I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but the hopes and dreams of every Big Ten school have suddenly been pinned to the fate of Urban Meyer and Ohio State.

And that's where I have a big problem.

The media loves them some Ohio State and especially some extra helpings of Urban Meyer. For whatever reason they just lap it up. And let's not kid ourselves, Urban has no problem finding the camera either. As Michigan fans, we see through the hyperbole.

Urban may be a very good football coach and fabulous recruiter, but I don't think he should be the face of Big Ten football. I can respect his 12-0 season and his 26-21 victory over us back in November. I'll give him his due (we handed them that game, btw). But when every coach in the league is not measuring up to the standard that Urban is somehow setting, then that's where I think there's a problem. Thus, I write rant posts like the one I did earlier today. Urban is a good football coach, but not the standard for the league. Let time measure the coach, not the hype.