Love is in the Air, Apparently

Courtesy Pat Stansik
There's a video making the rounds today, a love ballad of sorts. Actually, not of sorts. It's a pure love ballad. It's a song about Denard Robinson. But, not the kind of love you're thinking. This is a more manly kind of love. Ah, the interwebs.

The Michigan Daily has a little bit of back story on the band and the song's writer.
Pat Stansik, a former Michigan club lacrosse player and aspiring comedian, known for recent smash hit "Bros vs. Hipsters", put together a tribute to Robinson. Stansik wrote the lyrics, and local band Mind's Eyes put on the performance.
Hit the jump to check out the video and lyrics.

Good, creepy or weird? Maybe all three? You make the call.

I Love You Denard
Henne Brady Grbac Navarre
All of these men could throw very far
Slow white quarterbacks most were five stars
Pro-style offense run by Lloyd Carr
When he retired I was still all smiles
Herbstreit told me that we'd get Les Miles
Didn't know what to think about the spread
Mallett left and I thought we were dead
First year under Rich Rod was a disaster
Spread offense needs a QB much faster
I suffered for two miserable years
But then you dried up all my tears
I think I'm in love I've never felt like this
Nothing compares not even my first kiss
My heart skips a beat every time you gain a yard
I know this might sound strange but I love you Denard
I love you Denard I don't know how to show it
I used to be scared every time you would throw it
You're the QB for me and I want everyone to know it
When you took your first snap vs. Western Michigan
That's when we found you were made of dilitihium
Always my favorite even when Tate started
Now the whole campus gets Denarded
No D coordinator seems to have an answer
A Michigan Man so glad you didn't transfer
Under the lights my heart still races
Because of you I don't mind tripping over laces
They say you can't play QB in the NFL
Well I think you play QB pretty damn well
You could win the Heisman, it's your senior year
If you cut your dreads I want a souvenir
Together so long can't stand to be apart
16 on the field number one in my heart
Without you it's gonna be hard
I wish you never had to leave I love you Denard

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