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Wyatt Shallman
ESPN's Tom Van Haaren, TomVH to you and me, interviews Shallman.
Scout: ★★★★, NR DE
Rivals: ★★★★, ATH, #160 Ovr
ESPN: ★★★★, DE, ESPNU 150
24/7: ★★★★, #9 SDE, #181 Ovr

Exactly what position Shallman will play at Michigan is very much up in the air at the moment. Ace from MGoBlog:
Michigan reportedly recruited him as a running back, but he also played on the D-line in high school and is listed at DE by Scout, ESPN, and 24/7 (though the latter also lists him as a fullback). All four sites agree that Shallman stands at 6'3" and somewhere between 245-255 pounds, though watching him this year I think he's at or above the higher end of that range.
I think he looks like a DE myself, but that's just me. But Michigan's defensive end position is also very much up in the air with a lot of players purportedly shuffling around heading into the spring. We're a ways off from Shallman coming on board, but it's going to be interesting seeing just how he fits into Michigan's puzzle.

Wyatt with his family yesterday at Sam Webb's live WTKA broadcast at Gamestop in Ann Arbor.
Other offers
Cincy, Sparty and Syracuse. Strong interest from Cal, Florida, GT, Nebraska, ND, Oregon and Wisconsin.

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