Incoming: Logan Tuley-Tillman

MGo's Ace puts it perfectly...

There are simply no more words. 2013 board lives here.

Logan Tuley-Tillman
Scout: NR OT
Rivals: ★★★★ OT, #109 Ovr
24/7: ★★★★ #13 OT, #85 Ovr

All your 4-star offensive line prospects are belong to us.

Chalk this commitment up to simply LTT seeing the writing on the wall – if you want to join the 2013 class, you better get in now...especially if you're an offensive lineman. He's listed at 6-7, around 290-isn pounds, which is right where you want a top OT prospect to be.

Ace discusses Tillman's significant weight gain last year as a positive thing – speculating that it was "good" weight. Given his height/weight, it seems like he has a great starting point in terms of being able to be molded into a fixture at the tackle spot in a few years.

Hard to say that LTT is the cherry on top of a spectacular recruiting weekend given that just one or two of these guys committing would be considered a very good recruiting weekend. LTT is the cherry on top of 6 other cherries.

I'm officially out of adjectives to describe what we experienced the last two days.

Other offers
Alabama, Arkansas, BC, FSU, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Missouri, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M, WVU and Wisconsin.

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