Victory Formation


  1. I am a graduate of Ohio. You know the Bobcats, Ohio University. We are do not play Michigan. I do not care who wins the Michigan vs OSU (Ohio State) games. (I did not go to either school.) I just wonder why the coach of Michigan keeps having his team yell "beat Ohio"? I mean Ohio is not a big power house football University. You are Michigan, we are Ohio, Michigan State is not Michigan, Ohio State is not Ohio. So why do you yell beat Ohio, most teams in the Big Ten can be Ohio?

    I guess we should feel honored Michigan is scared of Ohio in football. :)

  2. Anonymous1:03 AM

    He refers to OSU as "Ohio" as a form of taunt since just about anyone from OSU is going to refer to themselves as "THE Ohio State University." So it's his way of not acknowledging the buckeyes to get in their heads. He usually refers to Ohio University as "The Bobcats" to differentiate between the two schools since his daughter(s) attended there. I don't think he's intentionally trying to discredit Ohio University. Me personally, I like Ohio U ever since Rufus beat up Brutus. :)

  3. tOSU refers to itself as Ohio, for chrissakes.

    What's that obnoxious cheer? O-H...I-O.

    What does their band spell out in script? Ohio, though I wonder if that's because the Michigan Marching Band didn't teach them how to do script "State" too, when the MMB invented script Ohio.

    Don't fault Hoke for calling them what they call themselves in their cheers and such. It's not our fault "tOSU" doesn't roll off the tongue.