Outgoing: Carvin Johnson

So it's been a while since we've done one of these post, but never-the-less, we make a big deal when a recruit signs, so we should give equal time to the guys going out the door.

Just when I thought this thing would be finished. This happened yesterday, but in typical fashion we're just now getting around to it. Why? Well, a lot of reasons. But let me just say that I have a pecking order of things that will make me drop everything and get to posting. Losing Carvin, while not good, is not very high in that order.

Ok, so what does this mean for our secondary? Well, depth. That's where it hurts right now. Carvin was not a starter, although he has seen the field both this year and last year. He was hurt his freshman year, which helped Cam Gordon immensely. But then he was beat out by Thomas Gordon this for the safety gig. And now that Troy is settling in at the safety spot, Carvin just got knocked down another peg.

It's always sad when guys leave the program. But it's the reality. I don't see this hurting us long term. I hope that Carvin ends up somewhere where he can play some meaningful football. For Michigan, this frees up another scholly, and also will only temporarily interrupt the safety depth with a trio of talent coming in the 2012 class.

Now we just need Jordan Kovacs to hurry up and get healthy. Please and thank you.

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