B1G Breakdown: Week 13

Weeks 1-11: 65-19
Week 12: 5-1
Overall: 70-20  (.777)

All times eastern. My picks in bold. (Rankings: BCS)

Friday Nov 25:
Legends Division:
Iowa @ #21 Nebraska
12:00 - ABC

Saturday Nov. 26:
Leaders Division:
Purdue @ Indiana
3:30 - BTN

#19 Penn State @ #16 Wisconsin
3:30 - ESPN

Legends Division:
#14 Michigan State @ Northwestern
12:00 - BTN

Ohio State @ #15 Michigan
12:00 - ABC

Illinois @ Minnesota
3:30 - BTN

Biggest "must-watch" game of the week:
Do I even need to say anything here? Unless you're a Leaders Division snob, but your game is at 3:30, so you really have no excuse. "The Game" is the "The Game" and will always be "The Game".

Upset Alert!
As much as it doesn't even matter, I'm putting Michigan State on upset alert. Northwestern has shown a few times this year that they can sneak up on you. Michigan State has already locked up a spot in the B1G title game, so they could be looking ahead. But they should be careful because a loss on Saturday all but guarantees they won't make a BCS bowl when they lose to Wisconsin next week.

Snoozer of the week
I wish they would have moved the Purdue-Indiana game to Friday because I really would like to watch that rivalry game at least once in my life. However, tis not to be.

Bold predictions!
Ah, yes. Prediction time. Well, as you can see from my bold picks above, I like Michigan over OSU (obviously), I think Wisconsin rolls against Penn State in Madison to take the Leaders spot in the B1G title game. And the rest of the games don't really matter that much. Oh, I do think Nebraska beats Iowa on Friday. Pelini regroups and his boys take it to the Hawkeyes.

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