We're Talkin' Schedules - Minnesota

Previously:Woody Division: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin
Bo Division: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State

Now: Minnesota

2010 Overall Record: 3-9
2010 Big Ten Record: 2-6

Non-Conference Opponents
9/3: @ USC (8-5)
9/10: New Mexico State (2-10)
9/17: Miami University (10-4)
9/24: North Dakota State (9-5)

Divisional Opponents
10/1: @ Michigan
10/22: Nebraska
10/29: Iowa
11/5: @ Michigan State
11/19:@ Northwestern

Crossover Opponents
10/8: @ Purdue
11/12: Wisconsin
11/26: Illinois

Do Not Play
Ohio State
Penn State

If You Only Watch One Minnesota Game in 2011 (Other than the Jug game): Then you either know someone on the team or you really must love Minnesota football. I'll pick Wisconsin simply for the rivalry...even though that game should be over by halftime.

Non-Conference Loss: USC in week one. Welcome to Minnesota Jerry Kill. Getting USC on the road in your first game with a rebuilding Gopher program is just bad luck all the way around. Although I don't think this will be their only non-conf loss.

It's a Trap!: Actually, Minnesota is the trap game for a lot of other B1G schools. The Gophers aren't good enough to have a trap game at this point.

The Game Destined for ESPN3.com: Hmm...New Mexico State or North Dakota State? Reader's choice.

Final Analysis: Minnesota is a program in transition. I don't know if new coach Jerry Kill is going to be able to work magic in his first year or not? They have a long way to go...especially in conference and more importantly, a division which is very good. They do get a break by not playing OSU or PSU. The best Minnesota can hope for is to play spoiler for other B1G teams.

Fearless Predictions
Non-conference record: 1-3
Division Record: 0-5
Crossover Record: 1-2
Overall: 2-10


  1. The Wolves have a much stronger chance this year with the best quarterback in the nation. No one can over him and he will be the front runner for the Heisman this year.

    If anyone plays fantasy football, check out this site I found a couple days ago.


    They have rankings, bios, schedules, stats, blogs, predictions, and even a weekly waiver wire for free agents.

  2. www.fantasyfootballmatsermindz.com

    Sorry been pounding beers.

  3. Minnesota's game against Miami (OH) should be pretty good. The Gophers are expecting to win that one but I don't think they will. And of course USC will be a brutal way to begin Kill's career, unless he's a miracle-worker.

    I actually feel pretty bad for Minnesota. They're locked into a division with Michigan, which I don't think they'll ever be able to beat consistently. For them a Big Ten title (let alone a National one) is years away, maybe even decades. They just aren't that good and don't have what Michigan does in terms of national fanbase, sweeping resources, and ironclad tradition. For crying out loud, they JUST started playing games on campus!

    I wish them the best of luck.

    P.S. Brad, the whole "Do Not Play" thing sounds a little weird. It sounds more like a warning than a category. Maybe you could rephrase it to something that makes a little more sense (e.g. "Not on Schedule"). Other than that, good post!!