One Number Counts Up, One Number Counts Down

Picture this, only with the number 2823.
You would think that program that has a 7-game winning streak over it's biggest only rival wouldn't mind if that rival team decided it was time to start showing up again. I mean, if OSU hangs it hat on how well it does against us, then it might just be a good thing for the rivalry if know, acted like Michigan again.

Eleven Warriors is taking notice of the Brady Hoke transition, and the positive effects it is having on not only the football program, but the once-fractured Michigan fan base as well. [HT: mgoblog UV]
Did you know Brady Hoke "gets it"? He's changing the culture?  On and on and on. What is so revelatory about the coach of Michigan having expectations this year? Have I been reveling so much in Michigan's despair that I've failed to realize just how pathetic they've become over the years?

I also get a kick out of how he's riding his Segway around up there (this is how I like to envision he travels everywhere) like he's the second coming of Bo Schembechler (who currently resides in the 7th Circle of Hell) when he's really a homeless man's Rex Ryan who has won as many games at Michigan as I have. Brady, you've been at Michigan for like two months, bro. Quit your posturing.

Also, you know what would be weird? If you were a prisoner on death row, and you kept a clock on your wall counting down the time to your nationally televised execution. This is what has happened in Ann Arbor. I also love how he calls Ohio State, "Ohio", as if it's some slight to OSU or some great psychological ploy? Then again, I suppose Michigan does have beef with the entire state of Ohio, considering Toledo once scored 13 points and beat them a mere 3 falls ago.
Uh oh. I think someone is getting a little anxious. Apparently, DJ Byrnes is so unhappy with hearing about Brady Hoke all the time, he takes a shot at using the Toledo game of 08 as cannon fodder...which is both obvious and obnoxiously irrelevant.

Also, does anyone have a photo of Hoke on a Segway?

But you know what? That's fine. I honestly don't mind the countdown clock, or the day reminder that hang literally just outside the field house doors in Schembechler Hall. Frankly, I love that fact that Hoke embraces our rivalries. OSU fans should relate, since it was Tressel who made it his goal in life from day one to break the rules and lie beat Michigan. Hoke acknowledges the fact that it's been three years since we've reasonably shown up in either of those two games, and this is his way of telling everyone that those days are over.

If either of these two signs irk the OSU fan base...then I'd say Hoke is more clever than we give him credit for. At some point, both of these OSU signs are going to read zero. And just wait and see what OSU blogs have to say about Hoke then.


  1. Dude, OSU fans are a bunch of douche bags. This is just another pathetic attempt for them to go back to what they haven't lost yet: the fact that they beat Michigan last year. It's like a baby who loses his favorite toy and goes back to sucking his thumb.

    Also, Hoke doesn't ride a Segway. I don't know where that Buckeye got that little nugget; I think he just brought it from when he and his buddies were making jokes. "Hey, I bet Brady Hoke rides a Segway" becomes "I also get a kick out of how he's riding his Segway around there..." He's next sentence is the proof that it's not true: "This is how I like to envision him"

    They have nothing else. It's kind of sad.

  2. Look how angry Jack is...

    win some games this year, you chumps.