2011 Captains: Kevin Koger, David Molk and Mike Martin

All three Michigan men were focuses of the media at this years media day event.
The Michigan football team voted on their 2011 captains last night, and these three seniors could not have been a better choice. [UM release]

• TE Kevin Koger
• C David Molk
• DT Mike Martin

Brady Hoke returns the Michigan program to the tradition team voted captains prior to the season. Rich Rod had team captains voted on after the season in 08 and 09. And had pre-season captains last year but also individual game captains each week.

David Molk and Mike Martin are both 2nd-team preseason all-Americans according to CBS Sports preseason list. Both are clear leaders of this team, and have been even before their senior years. Kevin Koger has been praised by the coaching staff for not only his leadership, but his overall attitude. These three guys have been through the proverbial ringer in terms of being recruited by Carr (Molk) and coached by Rich Rod, and their individual position coaches, and now Brady Hoke for their senior years. They've all endured one of the most unsettled times in Michigan football history, and have each shown true leadership with their play on and off the field.

These Michigan Men are true inspirations for not only the younger guys on the team, but even those kids who need positive sports role models to look up to...sans the occasional David Molk press conference. But the media loves him because he doesn't hold back and tells it like it is. It's refreshing in a way.

If Adidas is listening (they're not), I know #16 jerseys fly off the racks, but I'd love to see #86, #50 and #68 on the shelves too.

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