Incoming: James Ross

We're about one LB away from renaming the 2012 class "Extreme Makeover: Linebacker Edition". Ross marks the 4th LB commit for this class.

The 2012 recruiting page lives here.

Rivals: NR ILB
Scout: ★★★★ #2 ILB
24/7: ★★★★ #2 ILB

Michigan's 8th commit to the 2012 class is also it's 4th LB...and maybe the best overall recruit so far.
According to the recruiting sites that have ratings on Ross, he's generally considered the #2 overall inside linebacker in the country. I don't know exactly how big he is, but the sites are all hovering around the 6-0, 215 area.

As you can see from his other offers, Michigan is not the only large school that sees how good he is. This is a huge get for this class.

Other Offers:
Arizona State, Cincy, Illinois, Indiana, Sparty, Missou, Nebraska, ND, tOSU, PSU, Pitt, Purdue, USC.

Hype Video:

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