The George Dohrmann Article, Pryor Under Investigation

The much anticipated George Dohrmann article has been posted for our eager consumption. Waste no more time with your family on this beautiful Memorial Day, and go here to read it. video:

Also, take a look at this Dispatch article which says that Ohio State AND the NCAA are now both investigating Pryor for accepting cars and other gifts that violate NCAA rules. This investigation is in addition to the one currently going on involving Ohio State/Tressel and his 5 players who sold awards, autographs and memorabilia for free tattoos.
The NCAA and the Ohio State University's compliance office are conducting an independent investigation of Terrelle Pryor amid allegations that the star quarterback may have received cars and other extra benefits, sources told The Dispatch today.

Pryor has been questioned by OSU compliance officials in the past, but sources said this is the most significant inquiry to date. He already has been interviewed at least once by investigators within the past few weeks, sources said.

Pryor and the cars he drives have been an issue since he arrived on campus three years ago. Pryor has been connected to more than a half dozen vehicles during his time at Ohio State, according to sources.

Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch wouldn't confirm whether Pryor is being investigated. 
Oh yeah, and tonight, May 30, 2011, Pryor pulled into the football complex at Ohio State for a mandatory team meeting in a Nissan 350z with tinted windows and dealer tags.

There is no end to the sense of entitlement by some Ohio State players. There is no question that the spread of the corruption at Ohio State is vast and yet to be fully revealed.

Just the events that have played out in the last 6 months have only showed that Jim Tressel cheated and lied about it, and the majority of his star players have been allowed to continue to play football while breaking the rules. Never mind that AD Gene Smith and OSU president Gordon Gee have stood fully behind their head coach...Gee even remarking in the press conference that he just hopes that Tressel doesn't dismiss him!

Don't just laugh that comment off as a joke. They built Jim Tressel up as the savior of Ohio State football. They built the program based on his winning percentage, not his character. Fans looked past the Clarett debacle, and the history of rumored scandal that had followed Tressel from his days at Youngstown State. And because he beat Michigan every year, it was an easy sell to the fans.

I don't know what else will happen at Ohio State because of this latest news. We may not know for a while. But I do know that the coaching search has been shifted into high gear in Columbus, and many marquee names have already been dropped into the hat. I just don't see how you can get a top-tier coach to come to a school that is about to be handcuffed by the NCAA for multiple major violations. Tressel's resignation may lessen the blow, but probably not that much.

We will just have to see how this all plays out.

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