Incoming: Allen Gant

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Rivals: NR WR
Scout: ★★★ S
24/7: NR ATH

Michigan welcomes a legacy commit, Allen Gant, son of former Wolverine Tony Gant as the latest commitment. Allen becomes the 13th overall commit for the 2012 class, and the 6th from the state of Ohio. Allen called into WTKA this morning around 8:30 to announce his commitment to Sam and Ira.

This is a nice pickup in terms of getting a good prospect in a position where talent is going to be needed very soon. We've all known about the lack of talent and problems keeping good/healthy bodies in the defensive backfield as of late, so this prospect is a welcome one.

Some of the recruiting sites list him as WR, but make no mistake, Michigan is recruiting him as a safety. But having some WR experience is not bad. He's listed at 6-2, 210...which would put him right at the top of the chart in terms of size with our current defensive backs.

For much more detailed info, mgoblog has the rundown.

Other Offers:
Ball State, BC, Cincy, Illinois, Kentucky, Stanford, Toledo, West Virginia. There was also interest, but no offer from Indiana and Ohio State.

Hype Video:

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