My apologies to anyone and everyone who reads and visits this site with any regularity, but these past few days, I've been far too busy with real life to have any time left over to devote to this humble site. With the Irish coming to town, I had great plans to post like a madman this week about all things related to how much Notre Dame sucks,h ow fat Charlie Weis is, how off-sides Rudy was. But this is just not in the cards.

I am also going to be leaving first thing tomorrow morning for a wedding two states away...so I will be without blog for the entire weekend. Hopefully in my absence, our boys will take care of business this weekend and treat little Jimmy Clausen the same as we did Brady Quinn in 2006 . I trust this game will be a dandy, and anyone lucky enough to be in attendance should at the very least yell and scream their ass off on Saturday.

Hopefully my real life will loosen up enough for me to be able to devote some more time to this little hobby of mine. Until then, this is how it will be for now. Thanks for reading. Go Blue!

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