The Cardiac Kids

Photo: Angela Cesere,

It's pretty clear now that at some point this season, this football squad is going to give this Michigan blogger a heart attack.

Just some quick thoughts about today's game...

• Tate Forcier was born to have the ball in his hands when Michigan is down with under 3 minutes on the clock. Where did this kid come from? Is he really just 19 years old?! We get him for 3 more years after this?!

• The interception by Donovan Warren was pretty close and could have gone either way. To me, on the replay, it seemed like Warren had the ball tucked in his hands while the Indiana receiver was trying to wrestle it away. A very close call that just didn't have enough video evidence to overturn the call on the field.

• Michigan defense is either worse than we thought, or Indiana's offense is suddenly a juggernaut.

• We must stop the mistakes. Too many missed tackles. Too many turnovers. Too many penalties. These kinds of things will happen to a young squad. We need to get better at keeping them from happening.

• Forcier was really favoring his right arm late in the game. But he also threw the TD to Martavious Odoms, and was also in the game in the victory formation at the we'll see if we hear anything about any injury on Monday.

But hey, for all the mistakes we made and for all the blown calls by the refs, we still won the game, and there's something to be said for that. Forcier is amazing. They can praise Pryor and Tebow all they want. We have Tate and Denard...and that's exactly how I like it!


Go Blue!


  1. You can't be serious. Complaining about the officials in your final paragraph when anyone with a set of eyes knows Indiana got hosed.

    That doesn't mean that IU would have been able to score to tie up the game, but to complain about officiating after getting a game-deciding gift is absurd.

  2. Can't I as a Michigan fan at once hold in my head the embarrassment over the poor call at the end as well as the happiness of being 4-0? There is nothing any of us can do about it, so we just accept it as fact.

  3. @Brad

    If anything, your proof proves that both players were in possession when they hit the ground. Play ends and possession goes to the receiver - doesn't matter who wins the tug of war.

    Video review doesn't mean anything - if this play was reversed and it was the michigan receiver/indiana defender you and I both know it would have been ruled a completion on the field and not an interception.

    Ultimately, it's over and GOBLUE is 4-0, something to be happy about. And again, I don't happen to believe that Indiana would have scored on the drive anyway.

    My comment isn't a complaint about the call itself, rather it's pointing out that in your final paragraph you complain about the officiating when in essence that crew decided the game in Michigan's favor.