Another Reason to Hate Terrelle Pryor

Photo courtesy of AP/Jay LePrete

If you look closely, the black stickers under his eyes read "Mika" which is a tribute to his sister, and "Vick" a tribute to the former Atlanta Falcons QB who was incarcerated for 18 months for his ties to a dog fighting ring. Article via

"I always looked up to Mike Vick and I always will, because I still think he is one of the best quarterbacks," Pryor said. "I love Mike Vick."

"I know what happened with him and, I mean, I don't want to talk much," Pryor said. "I'm just going to be very short and sweet with it but I just feel he made his mistake and I think he just needs more support."

"Not everybody is the perfect person in the world," Pryor said of Vick. "Everyone does -- kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance."

Um....ooooook. Everyone does? Last time I checked, no one I know has ever killed/murdered someone, stolen from me or, you know, electrocuted a dog for fun.

Vick just signed a 2-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles this year that could end up paying him 6.8 million dollars including up to 3 million dollars in incentives. I don't think Vick needs any more support from anyone.

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  1. Obviously Terrelle needs to signup for a speach class. I'm hopeful he did not mean how it came out in print. Remember he is limited by his present and previous education. He is a Buckeye, just one step down from a walnut.