Michigan Fan Day 2009

My fotos from fan day:

All in all, a great event. Luckily, the rain held out while I was there. The lines for autographs were long, but fans seemed to be enjoying themselves anyway. I did not participate in the autograph sessions, but did try to get around to see as many of the players as I could. And I would have to say, the players seemed to be loving the attention.

Of course we also got inside the new field house...which is amazing. Aside from the size, the field-turf was perfect, and the large windows on all sides really give the space a nice look and feel. No question when a recruit walks into that facility, their eyes must just light up.

Its really awesome to see the new field house as well as the additions to the stadium. All of the designs for the new buildings are great. The brick looks really good. Nice to see the architects designed and built these building to last.

This event has sure become a huge success in only it's second year. The turnout was amazing, and all of the players and coaches seemed to be having a great time. Its events like this that make the Justin Boren comments about Michigan not having a family atmosphere just moronic.

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