Bizzaro World

I am sitting in my home in suburban Detroit. It's August 22nd. It's 65 degrees. I am listening to Guns N' Roses November Rain from their album, Use Your Illusion Part I.

And then I see this on ESPN dot com...

So, according to Dr. Lou, all you need to do is have all 11 starters return on offense, including 3 RB's, and have a relatively easy schedule...and you'll get to play for the national title.

Well, Dr., Michigan has 10 starters returning on offense, including 3 RB's. Can you assume that September 12th at Michigan is going to be slightly tougher than you say it is? How well has ND played at Michigan in recent years? 2005 was the first win ND has had in Ann Arbor since their last victory in 1993. And 2005 was a terrible year for Michigan.

I'm sorry, ND might be decent this season...but their trip to the Big House will be slightly closer than the good doctor thinks.

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