Kurt Wermers: "I figured I'd get out while I could."

Those will be the lasting words from former Michigan lineman Kurt Wermers who annouced his intentions to transfer to Ball State last week. I was gone on vacation when this story dropped, so bear with me while I finally get around to posting my thoughts.

The Northwest Indiana Times posted the news on their website last week.
Wermers said he didn't mesh with Michigan's new coaching staff, led by head coach Rich Rodriguez, who took over for the retired Lloyd Carr following the 2007 season.

"I really didn't get along with the new coaches," Wermers said. "They were bringing in a lot of different kids that were not my kind of crowd. Coach Carr's staff was a whole different ballgame. It was like a family. But when Rodriguez came in it was a whole different feeling. It was more of a business.

"I figured I'd get out while I could."
Interesting for a couple reasons. First of all, Rodriguez has been largely accepted as a coach who runs a very close-knit program with quality players. There will always be some guys that you might not get along with...that will happen when you get a hundred or so guys together. But to cast a Boren-esque statement like: "Carr = Family, Rodriguez = Business", just reeks of someone who's just not fitting in/is being pushed too hard and wants to run home to mommy.

Secondly, Wermers never played for Lloyd Carr. He was initially recruited by him...but he was never actually on campus or ever participated in any practices/games/meetings/drills under Lloyd Carr or his staff.
"It was fun, a great school and I loved my teammates," Wermers said. "But if I'm not happy every day that I wake up, why keep doing it?"
Good point. But it slightly contradicts his statement about not liking the guys Rodriguez has brought in.

 ESPN's Adam Rittenberg posted his take on this situation couple days ago.
Former Michigan offensive lineman Kurt Wermers was academically ineligible when he announced his transfer to Ball State last week, sources told ESPN.com.

Wermers cited disagreements with head coach Rich Rodriguez and Michigan's assistant coaches as the primary reason for his decision to transfer. In an interview with The Times of Northwest Indiana, Wermers said he didn't get along with Rodriguez's staff or the types of players Michigan was recruiting.

...according to sources with knowledge of the situation, Wermers was already out.

His academic struggles would have prevented him from suiting up with the Wolverines. Wermers wasn't even enrolled in summer school at the time of his departure.
That's the other part of the story that really makes this whole thing pretty laughable. From my perspective, all this is, is a disgruntled lineman who didn't like the new conditioning program, couldn't cut it in Ann Arbor academically, so he decided to absolutely torch his bridge as he whined his way out of town.

Goodbye Kurt. Best of luck in Muncie, IN.

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