Incoming: Austin White, and Other News

Okay. I know...I've been one very lazy blogger these past few weeks. I have no better excuse than I'm busier than usual with work, summer, work, vacations, work and more work. Plus, anything closely relating to news has been so slow these days that, frankly, I'm better off not writing at all than filling these pages with useless filler.

But I love filler. It's so lame and boring that it really does help make these lazy summer days just melt away. ESPN and their fellow mainstream co-horts are so good at coming up with useless summer junk that it makes me jealous that they're getting all of the bored sports fans attention.

Let's face it, football is amazing. Just thinking about it can ease us through a summer full of boring baseball highlights. College Football Live on ESPN is all we really have no keep us plugged in during the off-season. That and YouTube, blogs, BTN and ESPN Classic. We have a responsibility to bring useless filler to the masses for summer consumption. Anything to lessen the boredom of baseball season.

So, where to start?

• Well, we have a new verbal for the 2010 class. Austin White (6-0, 186) is a RB who hails from Livonia, MI. He's a 3-star recruit according to Rivals, and a 4-star on Scout. Either way, he's a solid back who will surely see plenty of playing time before he exits Ann Arbor. He chose Michigan over MSU, Notre Dame, Purdue, Wisconsin, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa and LSU.

More detailed posts via mgoblog and Varsity Blue.

• According to Mgoblue, the new Michigan football indoor practice facility will be named: the Al Glick Field House.

• Everyone's favorite tOSU head coach, John Cooper was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, IN over the weekend. He will be part of the same class as former ND coach and all-around moron Lou Holtz, Troy Aikman, Thurman Thomas, and NU coach Pat Fitzgerald. I've said it once and I'll say it again...Coop was the greatest coach in Michigan Football history. Somewhere near his bust should read "2-10-1".

• Think this is a knife? Now THAT'S a knife!

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