Funny Stuff, Zoltan and Jamie Foxx

Sometimes blogging gold just falls right into your lap. And that happened for me yesterday afternoon when I stumbled upon this on Every Day Should be Saturday...

A user who goes by the handle "LSUFreak" posted this. It is we must repost it here. Your welcome.

Also in the news lately is the enormous popularity of Michigan senior punter Zoltan Mesko. Aside from being a pre-season All-American (according to Playboy), as well as an All-Big Ten punter from last year...he is, by all accounts a Space Emperor (of Space).

Some good folks in the blogging community have taken a shot at Michigan for sending a lowly punter along to the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago this week...along with OL Mark Ortmann and S/LB Stevie Brown. My argument for sending him is: 1) He's an All-Big Ten punter and likely a consensus preseason All-American. And 2) His name is Zoltan Mesko. With a name like that, he does pretty much what he pleases.

Rich Rodriguez had a surprise encounter with actor Jamie Foxx at a local restaurant in downtown Chicago while in town for the Big Ten Media Days. Word is, the two talked over drinks for about and hour. Not sure if Jamie discussed any of his QB abilities from his work on Any Given Sunday, but no doubt that had to have come up in the conversation.

While it's cool and all that Rodriguez is all buddy-buddy with Jamie Foxx still doesn't even come close with the Lloyd Carr-Russell Crowe courtship that blossomed in the summer of 2007. That was a special time.

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