Week 1: Appalachian State

No one is going to look back at this game as the catalyst towards a championship season. When Michigan had to add a 12th game to the schedule, this is the one they added. Call it what you will, its still a game, it still must be played, and we still must watch.

When: September 1st, 12:00PM
Where: Ann Arbor, MI
TV: Big Ten Network

Overview: Not too tough to figure out whats important in this game. Like all season openers, the keys will be fundamentals. Turnovers, special teams, tackling...the little things that drive coaches crazy will be emphasized in this matchup. And like all other Michigan teams, the running game will be the big measuring stick. Its doubtful that we'll see DeBord open up the playbook too much. The backups will likely see some action as well.

What to watch for: There's not going to be much mystery as to how this game will turn out. Michigan, as usual with early-season cakewalks, will jump out to an early 28 point lead or so going into the half, and then back off considerably in the 3rd quarter. Expect to see Hart get about 20 carries, Henne to get about 25 reps, and a lot of substitutions on both the offensive line and in the backfield. Jake Long will probably go through about 4 or 5 defensive ends before his day is done in the 3rd quarter.

It will be a very workman-like (word?) outing for the boys in blue. No frills, no fun, but at the very least it will end a dreadfully long off-season, and bring us into the 2007 season at 1-0. Tough to complain too much about that.

Prediction: Michigan, 42-7

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