Thoughts of a Michgan Football fan on July 20th

Summer. Its great, especially when you get days like this when the Michigan humidity evaporates and you actually get a chance to experience being outside without sweating right away. I really enjoy living in this state when the weather cooperates like it is this weekend. Turn off the air conditioners and spend some QT outside.

The problem of course is that 3 days ago, I purchased a copy of NCAA Football 08 for my aging, but still worthy Xbox. While at first blush, it doesn't seem to be too far a cry from the 06 version, which was adorned by Michigan Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard, after playing the game a little bit, I am now officially hooked. And with my better half gone for the weekend, there is nothing standing in the way of me playing as much of this game as possible.

Another topic that I have hinted towards discussing was the much-debated Big Ten Network. If you don't know about it yet, don't won't be around long enough. But if you're a Michigan fan, or any other Big 10 school for that matter, and you just realized that you are not going to watch at least 2 games on TV this year because your cable service has decided not to carry the network, then join me in my ever-growing frustration with this network.

There is simply no reason why a state-funded school such as Michigan or Michigan State should not have every football or basketball game televised at least within the state in which its tax-payers reside. But don't immediately blame the Big Ten Network, this was a small problem last season when the Michigan-Ball State game was televised on ESPNU. I believe there was an Ohio State game that was broadcast on the U network as well which stirred a lot of fans the wrong way. Lets face it, these are big schools with a huge following. Not allowing fans at least a reasonable way to watch the games is simply just wrong. Only a small handful of relevant cable providers are going to carry the network, and its not the cable providers that 90% of Michigan residents have.

But no matter how much shmucks like me write or complain about it, there's simply nothing we can do. But I can guarantee that unless the network can wrangle in some serious cable providers before or just after the football season starts, its going to be a long season for them...and for us.

Okay, enough about this Big Ten Network nonsense. Lets talk football. Hot off the press: Regents approved a new indoor football practice facility.

From the description on, it will reflect the same architectural style as that of Yost and the intermural building, which looks pretty obvious from the picture. And this new structure will reside on State Street just south of Yost next to Schembechler Hall. But the image shown makes it look like it will reside south of Schembechler Hall where the outdoor practice fields are now. Maybe its just me, but the athletic campus feels a little cramped as it is. Why wouldn't it make more sense to knock down the existing indoor facility and build this new one? Am I crazy?

Anyway, moving on. The 2008 recruiting class is shaping up very, very nicely. 4-star tight end recruit Kevin Kroger and the transfer of QB Steven Threet are both great additions to the offense. Kroger, a fellow Toledo native, is one just three 4-star recruits leaving Ohio for the greener fake grass of Michigan Stadium for 2008. And actually, he's one of 6 great players from Ohio not going to THE Ohio State University. Is captain teflon starting to loose the grip on his home state's talent?

I'm sure there's more to discuss but this post is getting exeadingly lengthy, and frankly I'm tired. Have a great weekend everyone. Go Blue!

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