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The time has finally come for me to get off the proverbial blogging couch and start voicing my opinions. If anyone other than my new lovely bride of almost 10 months reads this blog, lets just say I'll be very, very impressed. Its not that I don't think there are legions of Michigan fans out there with nothing better to do than drool over my carefully thought-out and well-worded posts...but the main problem will be my inability to actively promote this blog.

So if you find yourself here, and still reading this...congratulations on getting this far.

This is not my first attempt at a blog, however. If you feel frisky, and I hope you do...feel free to click my link on the right-hand side of the page to "Project Outhouse". Thats my first blog. I did it with some good friends of mine. There's so much info packed into that site its scary. The problem is we've neglected it and the dust has begun the settle. Its Web 2.0 at it best, and then eventually at its worst. But worthy of a click.

Now that I have my shameless plug out of the way, lets get down to it.

51 days and counting. 51 days until the mighty Appalachian State Mountaineers (could they honestly be called anything else?) come to the big house. A brief tour of their football website and its easy to see that this game, just might be the biggest thing to ever happen the 6th largest university in North Carolina (and thats saying something!).

But seriously, how bad is it that on July 12th, even I can't wait for the mighty Mountaineers to come calling. Starting promptly as I woke up on January 2nd, I simply couldn't wait for this season to start. Two reasons: 1, put the last two losses out of my head forever. And 2, give me something to watch besides Tigers baseball on FSN with Rod and Mario. Okay, I'll give you Rod Allen, at least the guy has a drinking game named after him.

So as we wander our way through the doldrums of summer, lets begin the season the right way: with overwhelming speculation about how this year will be the year, Lloyd will will all the "big ones", we'll finally get the running game, passing game and special teams all on the same page, and of course we'll have a far superior defense than we did last year (um...okay, maybe 3 out of 4).

So, in case you've been under a rock, here's the rundown:

Sat., Sep. 1 Appalachian State Ann Arbor Noon BTN
Sat., Sep. 8 Oregon Ann Arbor 3:30 p.m. ABC
Sat., Sep. 15 Notre Dame Ann Arbor 3:30 p.m. ABC
Sat., Sep. 22 Penn State* Ann Arbor TBA TBA^
Sat., Sep. 29 Northwestern*
Evanston, Ill. TBA TBA^
Sat., Oct. 6 Eastern Michigan Ann Arbor TBA TBA^
Sat., Oct. 13 Purdue* Ann Arbor Noon TBA^
Sat., Oct. 20 Illinois*
Champaign, Ill. 7:00 p.m. CDT TBA^
Sat., Oct. 27 Minnesota* Ann Arbor TBA TBA^
Sat., Nov. 3 Michigan State*
East Lansing, Mich. TBA TBA^
Sat., Nov. 10 Wisconsin*
Madison, Wis. TBA TBA^
Sat., Nov. 17 Ohio State* Ann Arbor TBA TBA^

It seems the obvious thing that stands out are the games in bold...all but 4. We're going to come back to this in a later post...but it's worthy of a mention. Thats not a bad way to start out.

It looks like it'll be a week or so until I can make my way back on here to bring you my thoughts on the schedule and each opponent. Until then, some key dates to keep on the back burner:

July 18: Single-game tickets go on sale for App. State, EMU, Minnesota, and roads games at Northwestern and Illinois
August 1: Big Ten Football Coaches Media Luncheon
August 21: Marching Band practice (free and open to the public, if you're within arms reach of Ann Arbor, its worth a watch...and listen)
August 30: Launch of the Big Ten Network (much more on this catastrophe later, and no, my cable company IN MICHIGAN does not carry it)

Go Blue!

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