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A little video goes a long way. To start us off, Rich Rodriguez was live and in-person at the Michigan-WMU hockey game last weekend. He dropped the ceremonial puck and even competed in the intermission classic "Score-O"...which did not go so well. But the hockey crowd immediately christined him with his own personalized chant.

We also have S&C coach Mike Barwis and his long-winded breakdown of the future of the Michigan S&C program. Needless to say, if he can do half of what he says, we're looking good.

New Michigan Strength Coach Mike Barwis

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Both videos found on mgoblog.

Michigan Leaves the Conference

100 years ago this Sunday, Michigan told the Western Conference a.k.a. the "Big Nine" to go screw themselves. "M. Victor" over at has a nice lengthy post about who's and whys of the whole debacle. It's a good read. Very informative.


Looks like not much else went right for th bucks that night either. I've seen some Photoshoping in my day, and this could be just that...but either way. Photo via MZone.

Shout Out to the Optimist

My good friend Jeff over at the Optimist Company has a very good post regarding the current state of college football's post-season. He has a very objective view of the business of the bowls and how it should be done.

Whatever side of the isle you find yourself on, no one can argue that college football has this post-season thing nailed. I personally am in favor of the bowls...I think it is great to have something that is so traditional. I just hate to see it all squandered by big business. But I have to agree with my west coast friend, there needs to be a system of definitively figuring out who is the best team in the country. However, they need to keep the integrity of the bowls intact somehow.

Just my $0.02.

Getting To Know

...Michigan's new assistant coaching and administrative staff...from

Coaching Staff

Calvin Magee • Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator
Tony Dews • Wide Receivers
Greg Frey • Offensive Line
Tony Gibson • Secondary
Jay Hopson • TBA; Defensive Assistant
Fred Jackson • Running Backs
Rod Smith • Quarterbacks
Bruce Tall • TBA; Defensive Assistant
Alex Herron • Offensive Graduate Assistant
Jahmile Addae • Defensive Graduate Assistant
Eric Smith • Offensive Quality Control

Administrative and Support Staff
Bob Bland • Assistant Equipment Manager
Rick Brandt • Assistant Equipment Manager
Phil Bromley • Video Coordinator
Scott Draper • Assistant Athletic Director
Jon Falk • Equipment Manager
Phil Johnson • Football Athletic Trainer
Brad Labadie • Director of Football Operations
Larry Martin • Director of Football Facilities
Jennifer Maszatics • Executive Assistant to the Head Coach
Lenny Navitskis • Football Athletic Trainer
Mike Parrish • Recruiting/Operations Assistant
Mary Passink • Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach for Recruiting
Katie Reeves • Assistant Coaches Secretary/Graphic Designer
Dusty Rutledge • External Relations/Administrative Assistant
Paul Schmidt • Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Medicine
Chris Singletary • Recruiting Coordinator
Kevin Undeen • Video Assistant
Kelly Vaughn • Program Assistant

Calvin Magee
Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator
Magee spent the past three years as offensive coordinator for the Mountaineers and has served as the running backs coach since his arrival at WVU prior to the 2001 season. He was elevated to assistant head coach prior to the 2007 season. Magee arrived in Morgantown after five seasons at South Florida (1996-2000). He coached the running backs (1997-2000) and was the team's run game coordinator for two seasons. He was a member of USF's first staff in 1996, coaching the tight ends special teams. Magee was a four-year starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1985-88) and was a Pro-Bowl alternate in 1987. In 1986, he led the Buccaneers in receptions (45), receiving yards (564) and receiving touchdowns (5). Magee and his wife, Rosie, have three children, Jade, Bryson, and Jasmine.

Tony Dews
Wide Receivers
Dews joins the Michigan coaching staff after being part of the football programs at UNLV and West Virginia. He rejoined the Mountaineers staff as wide receiver coach in 2007 after spending the 2006 season as linebackers coach and associate special teams coordinator at UNLV. Dews was tight end coach at Central Michigan (2004-05) and mentored the defensive line at Holy Cross in 2003. His coaching resume also includes coaching stints at California, Pa. (2002), Millersville (1998) and Bainbridge (Ga.) High School (1997). Dews was also a graduate assistant coach at WVU. A Lynchburg, Virginia native, Dews received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Liberty University (1996) and earned a master's degree in athletic coaching education from WVU (2001). Dews and his wife, Tamika, have three daughters, Savannah, Sierra, and Sydney.

Greg Frey
Offensive Line
Frey served as the Mountaineers offensive line coach in 2007 after spending 11 seasons at the University of South Florida. Frey's tenure at USF included coaching stints at offensive line coach (2000-06), defensive line coach (1999) and was a graduate assistant (1996-98). He is a 1996 graduate of Florida State University (1996), where was a four-year letterman for the Seminoles and was a member of Bobby Bowden's national championship team in 1992, defeating Nebraska in the 1993 Orange Bowl.

Tony Gibson
Gibson is the lone member of the staff to play for and coach with Rodriguez. Gibson has worked with the secondary at West Virginia since being hired in 2001, tutoring the cornerbacks and free safeties. He was named recruiting coordinator in January 2007. Prior to coaching at WVU, Gibson coached special teams, defensive backs and served as recruiting coordinator at Cumberland University (1997-98) and was defensive coordinator and assistant head coach at West Virginia Tech (1999-2000). Gibson played for Rodriguez at Glenville State College (1991-1994). He was the defensive backs and kickoff team coach for Rodriguez at Glenville State in 1996. Gibson and his wife, Kerry, have two children, Cody and Ashton.

Jay Hopson
TBA; Defensive Assistant
Hopson spent the past three seasons as the defensive coordinator and middle linebackers coach at Southern Mississippi. He spent two three-year stints with the Golden Eagles, the first as defensive backs coach (2001-03) and the past three seasons coordinating the defense (2005-07). He was the defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at his alma mater, Mississippi, during the 2004 season. Hopson was the defensive backs coach at Marshall University for five seasons (1996-2000) prior to joining the Southern Mississippi staff for the first time. He also worked as a graduate assistant at Florida (1995), Louisiana State (1994) and Tulane (1992) and was the defensive backs coach at Delta State in 1993. Hopson and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, Virginia and Hannah.

Rod Smith
Smith joined the Mountaineers staff in 2007 as quarterback coach after spending six seasons at the University of South Florida (2001-06). He was the Bulls' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for two seasons (2005-06) and coached the quarterbacks and coordinated the passing game from 2001-04. Smith was a member of Rodriguez' original staff at WVU in 2001 as offensive graduate assistant before leaving to take the full-time coaching position at USF. Smith played for Rodriguez at Glenville State and was a 1996 All-American. He earned his degree from Glenville State in 1997 (physical education) and receiving his teaching certificate from Urbana in 2001. Smith and his wife, Charlene, have a son, Alex.

Bruce Tall
TBA; Defensive Assistant
A native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, Tall joins the Michigan staff after spending the past five seasons as the Mountaineers spur and bandit safeties coach (2003-07). He is quite familiar with the Midwest and the state of Michigan, having served as defensive line coach at Western Michigan in 2002. From 1998-2001, Tall was defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Harvard. He was also the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Northeastern (1993-97). Tall was an assistant coach at Cornell (1985-86) and worked two stints at his alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan. He is a 1982 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan with a bachelor's degree in health and physical education. He received the 2001 Assistant Coach of the Year award from the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the All-American Football Foundation. Tall and his wife, Karmen, have three children, Braythan, Karsyn and Kallyn.

Michael Parrish
Recruiting/Operations Assistant
Parrish joins the Michigan staff after a two-year stint with Rodriguez at West Virginia (2006-07). Parrish worked as an Administrative Graduate Assistant after earning his bachelor's degree in business administration from WVU. A member of the American Football Coaches Association.

Dusty Rutledge
External Relations/Administrative Assistant
Rutledge served as the video coordinator at West Virginia from 2001-07. He joined the Mountaineers staff after spending four seasons (1997-2000) as a special assistant to former U-M assistant coach and then Indiana University head coach Cam Cameron (1997-2000). Rutledge was the defensive line coach and special teams coordinator under Rodriguez for three seasons at Glenville State (1994-96). His other coaching experience came as the offensive line coach and run game coordinator at Fairmont State College (1991-93). Rutledge is originally from Rockford, Ohio.

We Hardly Knew Ya

Mallett, Manningham & Arrington Gone

Confirmed by the head ball coach himself on the Jim Rome radio show yesterday. Article about the news. Link to audio from the Jim Rome show at the bottom of this article.

Crazy stuff indeed. In case anyone was unsure about how quickly things would change under RR...let this be a good indication.

More on this news as it unfolds.

Photo of the Day

Not that we've ever had a 'photo of the day'...ever...but what the hell. This play was the turning point of the game.

All this "where's your Big Ten loyalty?" is just a bunch of crap. Ohio State has beat us for too many years in a row to count...and this blog is not at all Big Ten screw Ohio State.

Crown Em'

They were who we thought they were!

Those are the words of a angry Denny Green last year after his Cardinals lost to the Bears on Monday Night Football.

While I won't go as far as to say that I knew this would happen...I can safely say that I am not surprised. LSU made Ohio State look like a very under-prepared team. Tressell was somehow, out coached again by an SEC team. And for what its worth, gave the whole conference a black eye by laying down for a second year in a row in the BCS title game.

Now personally, I could care less about how the Big Ten is viewed by other fans from around the country. I am a Michigan fan first and foremost. The Big Ten is way down on the list. I simply just don't get up to see other schools play. It think its fun to watch a good game...but I'll never get as emotionally involved as I do when the Maize and Blue line up. Do I want the Big Ten to do well? It depends. Usually the answer is yes. But when it comes to Michigan's most hated rivals...Ohio State, Michigan State and yes even Notre Dame...there's no way I will cheer for those teams. Never.

But like I said, I am a sap for good football. If I'm going to watch a game, I at least want it to be a good one. Last night was not a good game. Actually, none of the BCS games this year were much fun to watch.

But what I want to know did LSU look so damn good against, what I thought was a pretty good Ohio State team? And the obvious answer is...Ohio State was just not prepared at all. Their conference was pretty week this year...and I'll even admit that Michigan was not real test either. Their non-conference schedule was laughable. Ohio State was simply not ready for a big game. Why? Because they haven't played in one since last year.

So in closing...the year that began with so much hype for Michigan...ends it an Ohio State national title flop...again. I don't know how many more times this will happen again...frankly I'd rather have seen LSU and USC line it up, at least we'd get a better game. And we'd know definitively who the best team in the country is.

So let the excruciatingly long and boring off-season begin!


The latest chapter of the Michigan-OSU rivalry took place on the field Saturday at the Armed Forces High School All-Star Game. Terrelle Pryor, the game's MVP and #1 prospect in the nation at the QB position, has narrowed his list of possible schools to, you guessed it...Michigan and Ohio State.

He was pretty much signed sealed and delivered to West Virginia...but that was before Rich Rodriguez left for Ann Arbor. After that, Pryor quickly added Michigan to his short list.

So here's the problem. He showed up to the game last weekend wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. Good, right? Yes. But during the game, someone spotted a small white circle-shaped sticker on his helmet. That sticker was, you guessed it...a buckeye sticker. The same exact sticker OSU players get for not raping girls and not flunking exams.

Bad, right? Maybe.

According to reports, the sticker was placed there by Devier Posey, an OSU commit...and was done so without Pryor knowing. The problem is, Pryor didn't downplay it.

via MZone:

Is this being blown out of proportion? Maybe. But given this young man's talent and ability...whichever school lands this guy...the other school will be crazy with jealously. Here's to hoping Rich Rodriguez is blowing this kid's phone up.

What a Joke

There, I said it.

Thats how I feel about tonight's BCS National Championship game.

Why? Because no matter who wins, there is still a question about who is the best.

Theoretically, I should be happy with it. I am a college football traditionalist. I like the game the way it used to be played. I like when there were debates about who was the best team in the land. Remember the bowl coalition? Remember 1997? Those days were filled with debate and arguments.

Maybe we're better off with the BCS though. We do still have the bowl games. Albeit they are meaningless and boring...but we still have them.

Maybe a playoff is better? But how could it work? Years ago, I would've been so against it. Because it would have degraded the integrity of the bowl games. But that eventually happened anyway. The BCS watered down the bowls to basically consolation games. They're meaningless. Now, more than ever, the bowls are decided on by television ratings and not who actually deserves the be there. I give props to the Rose Bowl for sticking to their guns. But at the same time, I ask why? Who cares anymore? When the Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton, and Orange Bowls are shells of their former glorious selves...why commend the Rose Bowl for anything? If anything, they get more flack for not caving to corporate interests, and remaining true to their heritage.

So if a playoff is what the people is eventually what they will get. Advertising and networks will make it so. Slowly over time, college football is becoming more and more like the NFL.

If college football adopted a playoff, it would not be sanctioned by the NCAA, just as the BCS isn't. So a single corporate entity would be calling all the shots. But the regular season would suffer. Teams would not feel the pressure to win every game. Call me crazy, but that's the greatest thing about college football...every game matters! If we go to a playoff, it will be just like the NFL...every team could take a week or two off. You could lose and still be the best.

Whats next? Paying the players?

I wish I could propose a solution, but the wheels are already in motion. A playoff is on the way. Non-conference schedules will become a joke. Bowls will die a silent death. December will turn into March Madness...and we can all fill out our BCS brackets. And the title game will be brought to you by corporate executives.

Herbstreit Love

Keeping with the outpouring of Michigan love for Herbie these days...for your consideration, the following smattering of YouTube videos...

Kirk loses his head against Michigan:

Kirk non-stop complaining on ESPN:

Kirk says Purdue sucks (I mean "struggles"):

Okay, that's a stretch, but hey, when we're talking Herbie...we'll make an exception. But I must say, three posts about this guy in 2 days is more than enough to last me until next year. However, should he provide us with more dandies in the next week, by all means, we'll throw them up on here for ya.

And while we're on the subject, allow me a brief editorial...Since when has Kirk Herbstreit become the ESPN golden boy of college football? Don't get me wrong, I like ESPN's coverage...and I think with a few minor tweaks, it could be great. First thing I would change? More Lou Holtz!

But I am sick and tired of seeing his face everywhere I look. I mean, lets face it, regardless of what he says, he's a former Buckeye, he loves OSU, he lives in Columbus...this guy is the face of Ohio State football. He's all over Tressell's b*lls. He and Brent Muskrat lead the charge when it comes to people who hate Michigan. And it seems like they will be calling the play-by-play for every Michigan-Ohio State game until Brent dies or Kirk's head eventually swells up and explodes. I'd sooner have 2 air-raid sirens call a game than listen to these two yahoos stroke each-other's egos (among other things) for 4 hours straight.

People...this is really happening. ESPN is turning Kirk into the next Keith Jackson, but without the class and distinction. And the problem is, he's only like 10 years older then me! We have to live with this guy for the rest of time. He's not going away. People...I'm telling you...we must end this! REVOLT! Call your congressman. Call the fire department. Call someone! This must end. Tell ESPN you can't take this any longer.

Unite, my people! We have the power!

Video Link-a-thon

...continues with Shawn Crable calling out Kirk Herbstreit...

Lloyd Carr's Post-Game Speech

It's Tebow Time!

Anytime we here at MB Nation get an opportunity to make Kirk Herbstreit look like a fool, we'll take that chance.

The Law of the Jungle

For so many reasons that I can not explain, Michigan's win against Florida yesterday was maybe the most rewarding Michigan football game I've ever seen. I'm no good with words...images exemplify it far beyond my power to write. Let me simply say that I am just so damn happy.

Every night before a Michigan game, the defensive starters gather together in a room all by themselves, no coaches, just players...they dim the lights and recite the following poem by Rudyard Kipling...
Now this is the Law of the Jungle -- as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back --
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.