Herbstreit Love

Keeping with the outpouring of Michigan love for Herbie these days...for your consideration, the following smattering of YouTube videos...

Kirk loses his head against Michigan:

Kirk non-stop complaining on ESPN:

Kirk says Purdue sucks (I mean "struggles"):

Okay, that's a stretch, but hey, when we're talking Herbie...we'll make an exception. But I must say, three posts about this guy in 2 days is more than enough to last me until next year. However, should he provide us with more dandies in the next week, by all means, we'll throw them up on here for ya.

And while we're on the subject, allow me a brief editorial...Since when has Kirk Herbstreit become the ESPN golden boy of college football? Don't get me wrong, I like ESPN's coverage...and I think with a few minor tweaks, it could be great. First thing I would change? More Lou Holtz!

But I am sick and tired of seeing his face everywhere I look. I mean, lets face it, regardless of what he says, he's a former Buckeye, he loves OSU, he lives in Columbus...this guy is the face of Ohio State football. He's all over Tressell's b*lls. He and Brent Muskrat lead the charge when it comes to people who hate Michigan. And it seems like they will be calling the play-by-play for every Michigan-Ohio State game until Brent dies or Kirk's head eventually swells up and explodes. I'd sooner have 2 air-raid sirens call a game than listen to these two yahoos stroke each-other's egos (among other things) for 4 hours straight.

People...this is really happening. ESPN is turning Kirk into the next Keith Jackson, but without the class and distinction. And the problem is, he's only like 10 years older then me! We have to live with this guy for the rest of time. He's not going away. People...I'm telling you...we must end this! REVOLT! Call your congressman. Call the fire department. Call someone! This must end. Tell ESPN you can't take this any longer.

Unite, my people! We have the power!

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