The latest chapter of the Michigan-OSU rivalry took place on the field Saturday at the Armed Forces High School All-Star Game. Terrelle Pryor, the game's MVP and #1 prospect in the nation at the QB position, has narrowed his list of possible schools to, you guessed it...Michigan and Ohio State.

He was pretty much signed sealed and delivered to West Virginia...but that was before Rich Rodriguez left for Ann Arbor. After that, Pryor quickly added Michigan to his short list.

So here's the problem. He showed up to the game last weekend wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. Good, right? Yes. But during the game, someone spotted a small white circle-shaped sticker on his helmet. That sticker was, you guessed it...a buckeye sticker. The same exact sticker OSU players get for not raping girls and not flunking exams.

Bad, right? Maybe.

According to reports, the sticker was placed there by Devier Posey, an OSU commit...and was done so without Pryor knowing. The problem is, Pryor didn't downplay it.

via MZone:

Is this being blown out of proportion? Maybe. But given this young man's talent and ability...whichever school lands this guy...the other school will be crazy with jealously. Here's to hoping Rich Rodriguez is blowing this kid's phone up.

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