Big Ten Week 5 Power Rankings

Why do they even call them power rankings anyway?

Photo: Zoey Holmstrom

B1G Week 5 Power Rankings
Rank Team Change
 1 Ohio State   -
 2 Penn State  -
 3 Iowa  -
 4 Michigan  -
 5 Michigan State  ↑1
 6 Maryland  ↑4
 7 Wisconsin  ↓2
 8 Rutgers  ↑1
 9 Indiana  ↓1
 10 Nebraska  ↑1
 11 Purdue  ↑1
 12 Minnesota  ↓5
 13 Northwestern  -
 14  Illinois  -

  • No change among the top 4. We're sticking with Ohio State at the top until they lose again or somehow prove me otherwise. Like I said last week, I just don't think anyone in this league can beat them if they're playing at their best.
  • Penn State beat Villanova 38-17. Until last week, I honestly didn't know Villanova had a football program.
  • Iowa struggled to get by lowly Colorado State, but I suppose every team gets a little complacent against inferior opponents.
  • Speaking of complacent, Michigan sure didn't expect to squeak by Rutgers last week. The slate gets a lot tougher this week when they head up to Madison, where Michigan hasn't won since 2001.
  • Michigan State has surprised everyone this year, including this blogger. We'll see how much longer the Mel Tucker honeymoon lasts.
  • Maryland gets the benefit of having won when so many mid-pack Big Ten teams didn't, or just didn't look very good. But hey, they're 4-0, so, there you go.
  • Wisconsin drops after a pretty ugly 4th quarter against the Irish. They held tough for a while there, but just imploded down the stretch with two pick-sixes. If they can't beat Michigan this week, it might be panic time in Madison.
  • Rutgers inches upward despite the loss to Michigan. But they're impressive, and will definitely win a game or two they're not supposed to this season (please be this week).
  • The rest of the league is pretty much the same chaotic mess that usually inhabits the bottom of the Big Ten. Indiana and Nebraska seem dangerous on paper, but it's just not going to go well for them the rest of the way. Minnesota lost at home to Bowling Green, who will probably finish near the bottom of the MAC this year. The state of Illinois, just, I dunno man.

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