Big Ten Week 4 Power Rankings

Let's rank stuff and talk about it

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Out: Our Big Ten weekly preview
In: Our Big Ten weekly power rankings

Why? Well, we're 3 weeks into the season now, and for me, it's just more fun to rank Big Ten teams and talk about them than to just list upcoming games like we've been doing. And the clicks, I do it for the clicks. 
B1G Week 4 Power Rankings
Rank Team Change
 1 Ohio State   -
 2 Penn State  -
 3 Iowa  -
 4 Michigan  -
 5 Wisconsin  -
 6 Michigan State  -
 7 Minnesota  -
 8 Indiana  -
 9 Rutgers  -
 10 Maryland  -
 11 Nebraska  -
 12 Purdue  -
 13 Northwestern  -
 14  Illinois  -

  • No change in rankings this week because this is the first week we're doing this. 
  • Still not convinced anyone is better, or at least more dangerous than Ohio State in this league. They've had some rough outings these past 2 weeks, but I have to think once it all clicks, it's going to be business as usual again. At least that's what I'm preparing myself for. Stay tuned, of course.
  • Penn State is very for real and right now, and the team to beat in the Big Ten East (which means the team to beat in the Big Ten overall)
  • Iowa is off to a great start, they're the highest ranked B1G team, and show no signs of slowing down. With their schedule, I think they sail into Indy with a 12-0 or 11-1 record.
  • Michigan at 4 feels a bit homer-ish, but I'm going to enjoy this while I can because this is a Michigan blog and of course we can't actually have nice things.
  • Wisconsin and Michigan State feel interchangeable, but find themselves at 5 and 6 for very different reasons. I would've had Wisconsin at 2 and Michigan State at 12 had I done a preseason ranking.
  • From 8-12, these all feel about the same to me. Rutgers has a pulse all of the sudden but is largely untested. Indiana might be pretty decent, but are clearly not the upstart underdog they were in 2020. Nebraska...I dunno?
  • Northwestern is having one of their bad years again. Illinois...yikes.

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