Michigan 23, Michigan State 27

The Spartans had absolutely no business winning this football game. None, none at all. Michigan State did not lead at all until that dreadful final play. The Wolverines played a heck of a football game for about 59 minutes and 50 seconds, the problem was that final ten seconds, when the Spartans took their only lead of the game.

The final play, which was a decision Harbaugh may regret is what ended the Wolverines hopes. Facing fourth down and two with 10 seconds to go and the ball on the Spartans' 47-yard line Harbaugh opted to punt the football, the logical choice. He could have ran the ball and pushed for a first down, which would have ended the game, or given Michigan State a shot at a hail mary with just a few seconds to go. He could have also put 8 guys up to block, send two receivers on routes, and let Rudock attempt to run the clock out.

Punting was the logical choice, but it didn't work. Blake O'Neill received a poor snap, which led to bobbling the ball. Instead of falling on top of it, O'Neill tried picking it up to kick it. Michigan State was able to recover the football, and take it 38 yards for the score.

Sione Houma opened the scoring up just a couple minutes into the second quarter, giving Michigan it's first lead of the game. A mere six minutes later the Spartans tied the game on an LJ Scott 11-yard rush. Kenny Allen had a terrific day, booting one of his three field goals before halftime to give Michigan the lead going into the break,

Houma scored his second rushing touchdown of the day mid way through the third quarter putting the Wolverines up 17-7, and rolling before Connor Cook found Macgarrett Kings Jr. for a 30-yard touchdown to bring the game back to 17-14. Allen would go on to kick two more field goals on the game.

The only lead the Spartans held all game was when the clock struck 0:00. While the Spartans out gained the Wolverines for the day, they also ran 14 more plays than the Wolverines.

This does not mean the end for the Wolverines. They still have the same amount of wins as they did last year, and they still have five more regular season games remaining, plus inevitably a bowl game. The season is far from over, and technically this is considered a "rebuild" year for the Wolverines with a new coach.

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