I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

I said it couldn't be done, and I truly believed it. I thought there was no way, no way at all that Jim Harbaugh could take this team and turn it around this quickly. Boy,have things changed since April 17th. They have changed big time. I am almost partially embarrassed in myself for actually saying they couldn't do it right away. I loved the Harbaugh hire, and I knew that Michigan football would indeed be back, but not this quickly. Nobody did. What Jim is doing with this team isn't remarkable. The talent was there, at least based off of recruiting classes. What Jim Harbaugh is doing is squeezing every ounce of football talent out of every single person on this team, something Brady Hoke could not do. On top of that, Harbaugh is improving this team week to week. Each game they look better, in all three phases of the game. Hoke couldn't even improve his team over the course of a season. But I am man enough, and humble enough to admit I was wrong. So to all Michigan fans, I am sorry for having doubts and questions about this team heading into the season. However, the work is not done. Michigan has a big task at hand in facing Michigan State this week. A game that is slated to be one for the ages. It will be a dogfight, and it will be tough, and if this season theme continues, we haven't seen nothin' yet.

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